Suyog Shah
Hi All !
      I am Suyog Shah. I am from a town near Pune in Maharashtra . My place is just near the river which gives it a natural beauty and to add to it lots of Green Fields around.
     The idea for this page came as to Introduce myself to rest of world. I am basically a Software Developer currently in Bangalore. I am working on C and Unix.
     As a professional I believe in sharing information and so is I respect Open Source Community.
     As a person I love to make new friends and tie up with them life long with the Bond of Friendship .
     After completing my B.E. I have gained enough experience in I.T. industry and I hold a good place in Organisation I work for.
      I belong to a loving and caring Jain Family having roots from Gujarat.I have a young little sister who always finds way to tease me. And find my faults. My father is a Reputed Businessman in our town. I live in a Joint Family along with my 2 Uncles and their families.
Whenever I visit my home my time passes as if a Ferrari on F1 track with my little n cute cousins.
Not just flower ... but hearts coming together ...
I love this caz it is the best time one can spend in this life .....
My Info: Name: Suyog S. Shah