Anime Boston, My first and best con EVER!

Friday, April 29--Sunday, May 1

The day I arrived at the anime convention, and man was it hectic! We didn't know where to put ANY of our things our hotel room wasnt ready it was really busy. We ended up changing into our cosplays and having to carry around our clothes with us in plastic bags. -_- talk about extra luggage, and with my memory I was lucky I didn't leave it someplace. For those of you who actually want to know what i cosplayed as, I cosplayed as Field Marshall Tenpou (Saiyuki Gaiden) for two days and Rosette Christopher (Chrno Crusade) for part of one day.

It was awsome because by the second day we had the entire gaiden group! However being our first con, we were very unprepared because most of us procrastinate. In other words, we had only 3/5 costumes done for the gaiden group when we got there, which were mine and my friends Toni aka Konzen and Sami aka Son Goku. Most cosplayers when cosplaying are suppose to be "in character" when they dress up mentally along with costume, well my friend sami didnt have to because I hate to break it to people but SHE ALWAYS ACTS LIKE GOKU. From a bottomless stomach to straight out stupidity its a freaky resemblance kinda things. Good part though is I always win at rock paper scissors. :)

ANYWAY, to get back to the topic we had to finish Corey aka Kenren's costume along with my twin sisters who was Nataku. We ended up pinning Corey's costume together because the sewing machine we had wouldnt sew through the fabric. (Yes we brought a sewing machine with us to the convention) The Nataku costume came out AWESOME though! Then my sister killed it when she tried to wash it... -_-; oh well not mine so dont care much.

Besides the gaiden group we also had a Lirin with us. I had so much fun at the convention though. I hung out at the Karaoke bar and sung twice! I got to meet awesome voice actors and make a complete idiot out of myself infront of Grey Ayres! If you (the reader) are still reading I will bore you with another off-track story of my own stupidity. My twin sister had a REALLY painful scrape on her leg from a softball game the day prior to this event. She wasn't going to get Greg's autograph origionally but I told her "You dont get chances like this every day and I wont let you miss out!" so I talked to the people monitoring the lines and asked if my sister could sneak in and just get the guys autograph cuz she couldnt stand for that long to wait in line. I got her in. Now on another side note, the day of this event, my sister who usually never EVER wears jeans decided to wear jeans... my jeans... one of the few pairs I actually liked to wear. Pants I like to wear mixed with fresh open scrape from softball equals blood and puss on my favorite pants. While my sister was getting her autograph, she told her story about getting the scrape on her leg. In the middle of the story I screamed "AND SHES BLEEDING ON MY PANTS". Yup... my blonde moment at the con. Good thing was I got almost everyone who heard me to laugh pretty hard. For your information though I was not trying to be an asshole, I am a really nice person! It's just that shes my sister, wore my pants, bled on them, you know. Blood stains! Don't get the wrong impression!

So besides being lost by my friends many a times I really enjoyed myself and will be going next year. However, this time my friends and I are making our costumes ahead of time and not procrastinating. I am debating on who to cosplay as though. I was thinking about Chichiri (Fushigi Yuugi/ The Mysterious Play) and also Demon Hakkai (Saiyuki), but I dont know. I'd be cool to do two but... I dont know... anywho, if anyone has suggestions feel free to send me an email . Much appreciated. I'll try to post pics of the con but I dont have any, it being my first con, who would have thought to bring a camera... -_- *sighs* ya...

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