The Legend

One thousand years ago, on a planet not so much
different from Earth, a war was being waged. The
planet torn apart from the struggle was in shambles
and all life was fading away for neither opposing side
would surrender. Hungry for power and blinded by
greed, nothing was to stop the two sides from giving
into the other. They wished for power, or death.

After countless had died and nearly total
destruction, a third party entered the war in an
attempt to bring about peace to the two warring races.
This party was lead by six warriors whose names were
lost, but are remembered as the element they
represented; Yuki, Hoki, Kaze, Mizu, Rekka and
Kinzoku. They did not only turn the sides of the war,
but ended the war in uniting the three races under one
common rule.

When peace had been attained, and a secure power was
instilled, the six warriors vanished. Though most of
the legend has been forgotten in the present, the
people of the planet will always remember that war as….

The Crimson War.

However, time goes on ...
and history repeats. 1