Crimson War

This is the title of my hopefully upcoming self made manga. If I can apply myself and stay with it this should get REALLY good. Everything from the plot to the characters were all made by me, and with a little help in learning how to actually make a comic I should be able to get things started.

I will tell you a little bit about the story plot, however be warned that when I try to explain the story plot a little, my mind tends to wander and you will be able to see it in my description so, try your best to understand what I am trying to say because I have difficulty telling people what I think sometimes. Here it goes. This is the basic outline for Volume 1.

The story is about a girl named Alexandra Yuki, a "normal" high school student until one day theres a huge bang outside her house. Problem is shes the only one noticed it. Taking her friend, Willow Hoki with her they inspected the nearby lake for signs of the wreckage, which there was none. Confused Yuki wandered around the ice until she put her foot down and went straight through, not ice though, a hologram. Hoki and Yuki swim down to the bottom to see if they can find out any more. Accidently getting onto the ship, all hell is loose as people are fighting to aprehend the ship. Not sure what to do the two fought on self defence, Yuki being the captain of the Kendo Club and the only girl on the team and Hoki who could wrestle a bear did fine taking care of themselves, however the fight seemed to be a losing battle for the ships crew.

After driving out the intruders, the girls found themselves to late to do much. Most of the crew had been killed off, however in one members last moments he pleaded to the strangers to save the captain of the ship. The two went through the entire ship in attempts to find him, however the situation looked grim. As they opened the last door the two of them were at first frozen in the door seeing a man laying on the ground, surrounded by the what appeared to be the only enemy casualties. Had the man taken on the enemy alone? When they saw his chest rise and fall, they quickly ran to him. Without his consent they took him off the ship and into Yuki's house to treat him. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.


I would like other peoples opinion on the story so please if you have an input, if its good, bad whatever, TELL ME! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Thank you.

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