Hey everyone! I am on my way to completing the first volume of Crimson War! YAY I am excited! For all of 5 people that I know of who look at my site (if there are more, YAY) I am gonna post my script up for the volume. I think its desent for a first time and am willing to listen to constructive advice on it. Dont mind the different styles in action they are in stars *like this*. You should be fine! Here you go!

Volume 1: The Mysterious Crash (pending title) Start
*At the School Building*
*Clock ticking*
*Bell ring*
*The two are walking home*
Hoki: So Yuki are you going away for winter break?
Yuki: Nope, just spending my break at home. I’ll probably just eat sleep and practice kendo.
Hoki: THAT’S SOOOOO BORING! Come to the mall with me! We can go shopping!
Yuki: For?
Hoki: Whatever you want ^_^*is thinking " I have guys on my shopping list"*
Yuki: And what will you be shopping for?
Hoki: *innocent look*
Yuki: no
Hoki: Come on! I’ll find you a cute one!
Yuki: no
Yuki: NO
Hoki: Then it’s decided!
Yuki: Wait, what?
Hoki: I’ll start making the arrangements.
Yuki: Hey are you listening to me?
Hoki: THIS IS GONNA BE FUN! I’ll call you later ok? Bye! *Waves and leaves*
Yuki: *sighs as she arrives home* Mom I’m home.
Yuki’s Mom: *is sleeping on the couch*
Yuki: typical … *sits down in an armchair in the same room and relaxes. Looks out the window and notices that it has started to snow. Sees something falling in the distance as it crashes in the lake. She hears and feels the impact but is shocked to see her mother remain sleeping. When she looks back the scenery looks normal again.*
Yuki: *calls Hoki on the phone* DID YOU SEE THAT?
Hoki: No need to scream hun. Was it a man?
Yuki: *thinks, "she must not have noticed either. But how? That impact was huge!" -_-;no… hey can you come with me to the lake? I want to clarify something.
Hoki: Sure… I just have to be home for supper. Dad tends to get mad if I am not there to tell him his cooking stinks…
*They both hang up the phones and meet outside in the middle of the street. They get over to the lake and everything looks completely normal.*
Ohki: Hey Yuki, what exactly did you see here?
Yuki: I saw heard and felt a plane crash! But there is nothing here.
Hoki: *places her hand on Yuki’s forehead* Are you sure you’re feeling ok? Maybe you fell asleep. Should I call the men in white for you?
Yuki: -_- I am not crazy! I know what I saw. *Walks out onto the ice*
Hoki: *sighs and puts hands behind her head* Whatever floats your boat… *Yuki is walking around examining the ice for anything odd. Hoki is wandering around her eyes wandering to see if there are any cute boys around* Hey Yuki its kinda cold can we go back…? *Turns to look at Yuki and she is gone Yuki. Walks around looking for her Yuki reaches her hand up "through" the ice and grabs Hoki’s leg gasping for air. *
Hoki: What the… A look dumb founded but regains focus and helps her friend up.
Yuki: I saw the plane! *Points where she fell* Under the water is still warm! Come on lets check it out for survivors *notices there is no hole where she fell* huh?
Hoki: *puts her hand down where Yuki fell* Wait what the hell? My hand… it goes right through! ….. Cool!
Yuki: Maybe it’s a hologram?
Hoki: Well a little sci-fi but it would make sense.
*They both think*
Hoki: Hey Yuki.
Yuki: Yeah?
Hoki: You said the water was still kinda warm right?
Yuki: Yeah…
Hoki: Wouldn’t warm water melt ice?
Yuki: Yeah *nods*
*They both look at each other, then down. Not seeing cracks they start to hear them and before they move the ice breaks and they are under*
*They resurface*
Yuki: Let’s check it out! Was already in the water… cant get much worse right?
Hoki: ok… but I better find a good-looking guy.
Yuki: Stop thinking of men and hurry up!
*The two swim down to the bottom and reach the craft. They quickly realize it is not a plane, and search for an entrance. They find a blown off panel and crawl into the ship. They are in a room w/ lots of fighting and stuff. They hide*
Hoki: *in a loud cranky whisper* What the hell’s going on here?
Yuki: *shrugs* Your guess is as good as mine.
Invader 1: Hey who the hell are you two?
Hoki: EEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAA *starts beating the hell out of the guy chibi*
Yuki: *pulls her off* what the hell are you doing? Do you want us to get involved in this?
Hoki: He was ugly *looks justified*
*The invaders finish off the crew and sees girls standing over fallen comrade.* GET THEM!
*They charge*
Yuki: I hope your happy there is no where to run!
Hoki: These men are a disgrace and they killed all the cute guys! In the name of good-looking guys I will never forgive them! *Points with cheep sailor moon rip off*
Yuki: Your not seriously going to fight them are you?
Hoki: *cracks her knuckles*
Yuki: you can’t take them by yourself
Hoki: *picks up off unconscious guy a beam sword handle and a beam staff handle* Of course I wouldn’t. *Hands Yuki the sword* Your helping to. *Hoki charges* FOR ALL THE HOT GUYS!!!
Yuki: For my life… *half ass charge*


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