Please dont mind any typo's or stuff like that, I'm sure you get the point anyway.

*They Charge*

Hoki: For all the HOT GUYS!
Yuki: For my life… -_-
*The two fight and drive off the enemy. They finish and Yuki grabs Hoki.*
Yuki: DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! *Hoki goes chibi as Yuki shakes her violently Then someone tugs on Yuki’s leg.*
Ship Crew Member #1: The captain… *Yuki can’t hear so she drops hoki and kneels down. She picks up the man to hold him up and hoki moves in behind her as the crewmember continues.* Save… the captain *he dies in Yuki’s arms, and hoki starts balling. Yuki puts a piece of cloth over his face and stands up.*
Yuki: Lets go
Yuki: (before she can continue) I MEANT LETS GO FIND THE CAPTAIN! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?! *Looks pissed*
Hoki: I know ^_^ *yuki eyebrow twitches and the two go into a hallway. They open every door and come tot the end at the last door.*
Yuki: one room left. *She opens the door to find that one man, sword in hand, is lying on the ground surrounded by dead intruders. He is bleeding from cuts on his face and neck and lays still. Hoki runs over when she sees him breath.*
Hoki: Oh my god Yuki he’s alive! *Yuki walks over* And hes CUTE!
Yuki: *gives hoki a look, then turns her attention to the man looking at his face* you did a good job on yourself; do you have a med kit?
Guy: *hesitant to respond* no
Yuki: All right then guess you have to come to my place then. Can you stand? *His chi sword goes up against her throat*
Guy: who the hell are you? A Merillian?
Yuki: *looks EXTREMELY pissed as she grabs the blade of his sword and squeezes. It dissipates in her hand* I’m trying to help you out and you have the nerve to hold your sword against me!? Hoki, take care of him and meet me at my house, I cant look at him. *she storms off and the guy looks completely lost.*
Hoki: OOOOoooooooo You pissed her off good, we can start a club! ^_^ All right then… will you come quietly or do I have to make you come? *Cracks her knuckles*
Guy: Do I have much of a choice?
Hoki: NOPE *she picks him up and carries him out*
*Yuki has set up a bed for him w/ a blanket and pillow on the floor. She has a first aid kit out* That bastard better not bleed on my carpet or I'll kill him myself.
Guy: Why are you helping me?
Hoki: Some guy asked us to. ^_^
Guy: and what of the Merllians?
Hoki: the Merlla-what?
Guy: … The people who were invading the ship. -_-
Hoki: OH! The Ugly guys!
Guy: uh…. Ya…
Hoki: They ran away
Guy: They What!?
Hoki: We’re Here! *Yuki is waiting at the door for them. She has it open and Hoki walks in. Yuki points*
Yuki: Lay him down over there. *She does and Yuki follows shutting the door.* Sit him up *she instructed with almost no expression to her. She started to soak some 4 by 4 gauze in some alcohol. She grinned evilly* This is gunna hurt! *she said as she slammed it onto his cheek. Frame goes to outside the house as he screams Yuki smiles* Music to my ears *she removes the pad*
Guy: What was that! Some kind of poison? *Grabs her by the collar*
Yuki: *removes his hand and looks a little annoyed* It was alcohol, it cleans out the wound and helps prevent infection.* is dipping another one while talking to him.*
Hoki: Why not use Hydrogen Peroxide? It hurts less…*She looks at Yuki’s face, which looks sinister. She sighs.* Never mind
Yuki: Hold still *she puts on the second gauze on. Cut to Yuki wrapping his neck and there’s a bandage on his cheek. The guy looks past Yuki and notices a woman sleeping on the couch.*
Guy: She slept through that? *he asks Hoki, who is making various signs that signal DON’T GO THERE*
*Yuki with her eyes not visible.* She’s passed out drunk, she’ll be out for another six hours or so *Hoki falls over in failure and the Guy looks like he realized he said something he shouldn’t have. Yuki stands up* You’re staying here until that heals, it’ll get infected with out care and bandage changes. Besides you cant fight with it, one wrong move and you may rupture your jugular vein. I doubt you want to die by something that stupid *She goes into the kitchen and starts washing her hands. The Guy turns to Hoki*
Hoki: *before he can speak* Don’t worry you didn’t know.
Guy: So what happened?
Hoki: I don’t think I can tell you that… *she pauses and then has a devilish grin* so…. *she creeps closer* what’s your name?
Guy: Akiyami Terin
Hoki: Are you single? *Is instantly hit in the head with a frying pan from the kitchen. Yuki storms in.*
Yuki: I cant leave you alone one minute you letcher! *Grabs hoki and drags her off, hoki is chibi*
*the ground starts to shake and a person is outside the house*
*the three of them look out the window, Hoki still being held by Yuki* Terin: *gets up* I have to go, I’m putting you all in danger.
Yuki: Sit down; you’re not going anywhere. *Is looking at the door*
Terin: Your not involved in this!”
Yuki: *faces him* Terin, was it... Do I look like a stupid person to you?
Terin: well... no*before he can continue Yuki interjects*
Yuki: Then let me point out something... *brief pause*IF I PLANED ON NOT GETTING INVOLVED I WOULD HAVE LEFT YOU ON THE DAMN SHIP! NOW SIT! *He does and she pulls out a chi sword from her pocket* Hoki, I’ll take care of this. Make sure he doesn’t leave. *She walks out the door and closes it behind her*
Yuki: *puts her hands on her hips* Excuse me, your trespassing so either use some manners when approaching someone’s house or get the hell off the property.
Enemy: *Laughs* an earth dweller talking to me in such a manner! *Can’t stop laughing* Hand over the man you found if you value your life.
Yuki: Get off my property if you value your ugly head.
Enemy: *eyes narrow as he looks pissed* No one talks to me that way *draws his weapon a large axe* fine, I’ll grant your death wish earth dweller. *He charges and Yuki draws and gets set in reaction to him*
Hoki: *to Terin* want to watch from the window? *Terin is already there Hoki goes over and watches as well*
*Yuki blocks with relative ease, as her attacker looks awestruck.* You blocked me…
Yuki: I’m gonna do more than that *Pushes him back and sends him flying with almost no force at all. Hoki opens the window*
Hoki: BO YAI! YOU TAKE HIM DOWN! YOU GO GIRL! YES! *Terin stands next to her awestruck.*
Enemy: Why you little… *his axe glows red* Taste the ancient warrior Rekka’s Power of Flame! Hi No Umi*He swings his axe and a wave of fire heads towards her*
Terin: Rekka’s Flame? *Panics* HEY GET OUT OF THERE! YOU’LL BE BURNT TO A SINDER! *Yuki faces him looking serious. She turns her expression to an excited yet serious grin and faces back*
Yuki: Bring it! *She’s engulfed by the attack*
Enemy:* watches the fire burn* Foolish girl… now then *looks over to the window and starts to walk over*
Yuki: Shouldn’t you keep your eyes on your opponent? *The fire disperses and she is just fine, not so much as a scratch. She’s wearing a huge sarcastic grin.*
Enemy: *looks like he’s seen a ghost* it can’t be…
Terin: How could she possible have...
Hoki: That’s my Yuki =3
Terin: *looks at her surprised* Wait, what’s her name?
Hoki: Well, her full name is Alexandra Yuki, but since we were little we have called each other by our last names.
Terin: *thinks to himself* “There’s no way they can be related…” Is that last name common in this area of Earth?
Hoki: No, our last names are the only ones here, but I can’t speak for other countries.
Yuki: Was that all? My dad came at me harder and I was only 10. *The enemy still looks shocked* Well; guess it’s my turn *her sword starts to glow vibrantly*
Hoki: O_O Oh boy, Yuki’s competitiveness is going to get us in trouble.
Terin: What do you mean? *Hoki smiles nervously. Yuki holds her sword in front of herself facing up with her hand behind it. Two wings unfold from the blade, and she grins. She pulls the blade back and the wings shatter into feathers that float around her.*
Yuki: Ten no ame! (Rain of Heaven) *she slashes forward and a slash from her sword flies at him along with all the feathers that came off the wings from her sword the Enemy counters with another attack and the two collide. Hoki jumps out the window. The dust clears from the explosion. Yuki is fine as the enemy staggers with multiple wounds. Hoki has her chi spear drawn and has the front of the house encased in a stonewall which collapses once the explosion is done. All of the nearby area is severely damaged*
Yuki: Thanks for saving my house Hoki, got a little carried away.
Hoki: ^_^ no problem! Besides thats what I'm here for.
Terin and the Enemy both look like they are about to piss themselves.
Enemy: What…. What are your names!
Yuki: Alexandra Yuki *has a kind of pissed off pose*
Hoki: Willow Hoki Nice ta meet ya. *she winks*
Terin: These two are…
Enemy and Terin: decedents of the Crimson Warriors.