Hello! Sit back, take a look around and enjoy a peak into my world. I am your host

I have so many likes that I decided to make my starting page the "jump off" page. Below you will find a few categories that are soooo very me. Just click where indicated and go see that side of my life. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Got to start with the man *sigh*. I mean come on, how many men into their 40s are this hot and have the female fan base he does!! I have a page with some Dale Jarrett stuff on it, just click below.

I am a Pooh fan. However, unlike the recent "phase" I have been a Pooh fan for about 25 years. Click below to see my Pooh page.

Naturally, I have some pics of my son and my nephew. Two very important people in my world. Of course, I'm in a few too!!! Just click below and away you go.

This is my "meism" page, pics and things about me. This is, also, where my favorite links are so save this page for last. Click below.

Enjoy your tour of my life. Hope to see you soon.

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