Parent-Student Handbook


Welcome to Suzanne Middle School

Suzanne Middle School has a management team whose goal is to enhance the success of the school years for students and teachers. If you have a specific concern regarding the progress of your student, please contact your child's teacher. For further assistance, or concerns of greater importance, please contact one of the following staff members:

Mrs. Jean Chung: 6th Grade-Student/Staff Resource Advisor

Mrs. Marion McMallister: 7th Grade-Student/Staff Resource Advisor

Mrs. Rikki Pruitt: 8th Grade-Student/Staff Resource Advisor

Mr. John Casato: Principal

Mission Statement

To Provide opportunities for intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of young adolescents by:

Student Success

Success as a student at Suzanne depends on a positive attitude of "I can do it!". Education is an important part of growing. To obtain the skills necessary to be successful:

Take the Challenge !!

We expect Suzanne Students to strive for excellence. We ask all students to accept the "Suzanne Challenge" and to work towards qualifying for participation in Honor Roll, Attendance Club and Homework Club.

Honor Roll:

Student semester grades are used to determine eligibility. Outstanding academic achievement ( a 3.5 Grade Point Average) and satisfactory citizenship marks are required. Students who have maintained a cumulative 3.5 G.P.A. during their middle school years will have the honor of receiving a gold cord to b worn during the 8th grade promotion ceremony.

Attendance Club:

NO absences or tardies for nine weeks

Homework Club:

All homework is turned in on time and the student is dressed for P.E. every day for the entire grading period (9 weeks).

School-wide recognition and special activities are provided for Suzanne Challengers who qualify for these clubs.

Sixth Grade Program
Seventh Grade Program
Eighth Grade Program


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