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Just For You
I would like to dedicate this page to my mother Ellen Ann Verdill and my granddaughter Michaela Anne Clawson.

My mother taught me to love life and my granddaughter taught me that life is precious and short.

My mother passed away on March 30, 1995 of renal failure and my granddaughter died on June 4, 1999 of a cord accident before birth.
These are my two precious angels who are now with the LORD.

My mother loved to cook and bake and she passed that love on to me. I would have loved to have had the time to spend teaching my granddaughter this love but the LORD had a better purpose for her.  It is because of the two of them that  I would like to share this love for cooking and baking not only with my daughter Missie but with the whole world.
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A special Thank You to my daughter Missie who helped me create this site.  You will always be the most precious ROSE in my life and I thank GOD everyday for giving you to me.