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I've lived in Australia all my life, well most of it anyway.  Became a widow at the age of 32 with 5 Children to a previous Marriage. At the age of 36, i met a guy on the internet to which we became mates, he listerned to my problems, advised me, laughed with me and cried with me.

We spent many times talking on the phone, writing letters, exchanging pictures of us and the children. After about a year and a half i decided to go and meet him,  spend time with me mate, but things changed, for the good that is.
Well, we fell in love after spending 2 weeks with each other, i went back home and missed him terribly.

Then he decided to quite his job after 12 years, sold his stocks and came to Australia where he proposed to me and not long after that we got married, and still now up to this day i am very happy that things turned out the way they did.

I had 4 Children living with me at the time, he Only have 1 child living with him at the time. He accepted the children with open arms and even now he's not just like a dad, but he's also their mate, confidantand teacher. 

Life is great.

The children now all in there teens treat him and respect him like he was there maternal parent, which i never had dreamed would happen.I really believe i am the luckiest woman alive to have a second chance in life with a wonderful man.

Warilla, Southern NSW
Ballina, Northern NSW
The following pages are for interested people who would like to know the differences between countries and some info on Australia,pictures to view and music to listern to.