October 6th 2001

We created this site to try to keep everyone up to date on our wedding plans.

We met at Capital University as freshmen in the fall of '95. We had about 75% of the same classes together through out our 4 years. Cindy started out as a Secondary Education major in Math and Computer Science. I started out with a dual major in Computer Science and Math. We both, however, ended up with a major in Computer Science and minor in Math. We started out as just friends, and were both dating other people through out our first 3 years. After 3 years, I had finally worn her down enough, (I kinda grow on you, like a fungus) that we started "dating" the summer before our senior year. We figured we'd get some kind of big shock from everyone when we came back to classes. It was just kinda like, "yeah, about time..." or "you weren't dating already?".

Cindy moved into a townhouse in Reynoldsburg by herself, after graduation. I technically lived at home still, although I basically just slept there and spent all my time at her place. Cindy was an intern for Sterling Commerce our senior year, and became a full time employee after graduation. With the big Y2K panic, more positions opened up at Sterling and I got on there as well. Memorial weekend of 2000 we moved closer to Sterling and are still living in our townhouse there.

I have always been into dragons, knights and what not. We go to the Renaissance festival at least twice a year. So, it was only a natural choice for me to want renaissance style dress for our wedding. Cindy took little convincing, and then we had to work on the few skeptics. Now, everyone is really into the idea, and there are quite a few people dressing up that aren't even in the wedding party.

Hopefully this sheds a little light onto our happy little story. If there is something you think I should add to the site, let me know! Thanks for stopping by... PAt

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Directions and Maps
Map for Carousel Convention Center (Reception Hall)
Directions (Enter in your address to get directions from your house)
Website for the church
Map for the church
Directions (Enter in your address to get directions from your house)
Website for the Hotel
Country Inn & Suites
Marion, Oh 43302
1-800-456-4000 or (740)386-5451
We have a block of rooms reserved under the Frey/Craig wedding party. When you call up, let them know you need one of our rooms and they will transfer it to your name. The price per night should be $65.
If any problems, ask for Amy Medley, General Manager.
Reception Information
Carousel Convention Center
Pat's Outfit (requires Internet Explorer and Java)
Pat's Outfit (Netscape Users, or those without Java)
Bride's maids' outfit
Flower Girl's outfit
Chivalry Sports
(A great online store, where we're getting the guy's boots, pants and shirts)
By the Sword - Costumes
American Costume - Costumes
Costume Loft - Costumes
Costume Loft again - Costumes
San Luis Obispo Faire, July 15-16, 2000 - Pictures
San Luis Obispo Faire, July 15-16, 2000 Guild - Pictures
The Black Gryphons - Pictures
(Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Frey)
Dancing Dragon (the "Dragon Heart Cobalt Flutes")
(Thanks to Grandma Lambert)
Bridalink Store (Royal Cake Knife and Server)
(Thanks to $150 gift certificate from the bridal show)
Guestbooks (the "little kids" guest book)
(Thanks to $150 gift certificate from the bridal show)
Unity Candle
(silver stand with Traditional saying)
Target online registry
Meijer online registry
Registry ID:45771455
Elder Beerman registry
They don't have it online
This page says you can email a request for one
More links to come!

The wedding party
Message Board
The PHReD Cam (Pat's work cam)
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