Hi,  I'm Suzie Snodgrass Schoolcraft
and I eat, sleep, live and breathe SNODGRASS GENEALOGY ... and the internet, of course! I guess I am more obsessed with genealogy than any amateur ought to be, and I do seem to spend more time ONLINE than off, but what the heck - keeps me off the streets! :-)

Since 1993 I have been collecting every SNODGRASS I come across - I am one of over 200 members of
The Snodgrass Clan Society (We even have a Snodgrass genealogy journal, The MACE - ask me about it!)

I was born in Wetzel Co., WV,  and raised as a gypsy Air Force brat.  I have lived in AK, FL, Japan, NE, MT, WV, ME, LA. Then, I married an AF career man, and he took me to Germany, TX, Guam, and NM.  Bob retired in 1989,  we moved to Florida ... now I roam the country thru genealogy and the internet!

My Snodgrasses have been in Monongalia, Marion, Wetzel & Tyler counties WV since 1780's.  Below is a "nutshell version", and you can view my GEDCOM at
Suzie's Snodgrass Connections

Charles Snodgrass (d. 1808 Monongalia Co. VA)

John Snodgrass (4 Oct 1781 - 14 Nov 1866 Marion Co WV)
    m. ca 1803/4 Anna Bateson (Her surname is from their son Chas.' third marr. record)

Aaron Snodgrass (12 Feb 1822 - 13 Mar 1905 Wetzel Co WV)
    m. 26 May 1842 Elmina Jane West

Emory Columbus Snodgrass (30 Nov 1856 - 7 Mar 1946 Wetzel)
    m. Mary Ellen Stewart

Clem Joseph Snodgrass (4 Jul 1883 - 27 Jan 1975 Wetzel)
    m. 23 May 1904 Amanda Olive Wright

Ersal Snodgrass (14 Dec 1905 - 25 Jul 1995 Wetzel)

Emery Joe Snodgrass,  my dad, b. 7 Mar 1936, lives Wetzel Co.

My grandfather, Ersal Snodgrass married 9 May 1925
Violet Elsie Merrifield,  and her ancestry:

William Snodgrass (named in Tho. H's #2 marr. record)

Thomas H Snodgrass (ca 1797 - ca 1879 Wetzel Co WV)
    m. ca 1813 Anna Higgenbotham

William H Snodgrass (ca 1825 - May 1880)
    m. ca 1850 Harriet (she b.OH ca 1825,  have not
       found their m.record, or either death record!)

Smeda Frances Snodgrass (ca 1857 - 5 Oct 1884)
    m. 18 Mar 1876 George W. Mayhall

Laura Amanda Mayhall (16 May 1880 - 21 Nov 1939)
    m.  Henry Michael Merrifield

Violet Elsie Merrifield  (11 Apr 1912 - 6 Oct 1979)

Emery Joe Snodgrass m. Mary Maxine Wright

Violet Suzanne Snodgrass Schoolcraft :-)

  You can  reach me most days on-line thru Yahoo Messenger (my id is suziewv2).

I enjoy helping Snodgrass-ologists ...
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