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Kabir Bhaila - 10/24/00 16:21:55
My Email:Kbhaila@hotmail.com
Location: uk
Hi! Sven it is me, used to sweep the mines a lot one caught me badly. very futuristic website. but i could not find what georr had recorded from the Heathrow airport as u have said. Anyway where are the photos? Love to see them.

Princess Irene - 09/17/00 20:14:15
My Email:annak@bezeqint.net
Location: Israel
My sweetest friend, it's me, finally, visiting your site. Well...............it's really great I just didn't get exactly why you need a site of your own anyway. But I found it interesting anyway! This is it for now. Good luck! xxxxPrincess Irenexxxx

CÚline - 05/07/00 16:12:43
My Email:sel82@caramail.com
Location: f r a n c e
hi sven thanks for the answer (but it was on elsa's box!). I got messages from Saskia too the new version is good (Baldur's gate hey ? )but i find the screen rather small ... anyway bye !! cÚline

Alexia Chapman - 05/04/00 12:20:55
My Email:A.M.Chapman@hw.ac.uk
Location: Edinburgh
Aw Zven, kiff int? Cool web site, much better than the old one. Well, i'll email you as usual. Ciao alexia

Diva FushiaKitty - 04/30/00 05:05:05
My URL:http://www.divinediva.org
My Email:whisker@divinediva.org or divinity@divinediva.org
Location: Divine Diva's Of The Web
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Remember, you do not have to be a woman to stop by and visit (only to join).
From Earth's farthest reaches, Forged from diversity, Finding solace together, We stand as one.

Divine Diva of the Web does NOT discriminate against persons of any Race, Religion, Beliefs or Creed. We Welcome the Diversity!!!!

CÚline - 04/28/00 09:38:31
My Email:sel82@caramail.com
Location: FRANCE
Hi Sven Remember me Elsa's sista : she told me you had a web site so here i am : really cool and fun but the screen is too small because of advertising . But i guess you need it ! I join saskia : you need games : by the way i'd like her to send me some news and ou can too !! It's been sooooo long . Well i must go . I'll add a maltese word : melh and bzar (not sure about the writting but i'm improving no ?) sse ya CÚline xxx

John Allen - 04/24/00 22:01:17
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/tx/Allenx5
My Email:johnpaulallen@juno.com
Location: Humble, Texas
Hey, pretty good job you've done here. This will be worth more then one visit.

georg schnorr v. carolsfeld - 03/30/00 16:52:44
My URL:http://www.no website
My Email:georgschnorr@yahoo.com
yahoo i am the 250 th visitor. may be i will have webside too when i am big i think i will have another view at your picture change it when you are changing (or add a new one)

saskia - 03/17/00 23:03:43
My Email:minimunchkin_21@yahoo.com
Location: Beckenham
Hi Nevs! Really cool site well done. Keep updating it and try to add some games to it maybe. Lots of love your little sis Saskia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- 03/12/00 11:23:29
My Email:loupg@maltanet.net
Location: malta
Very creative web site. Liked seeing the Maltese language on your guestbook.

Jem (Peekachoo) - 03/09/00 16:40:48
My Email:JHall@plymouth.ac.uk
Location: Pokemon Land !!
Hi, it's graham's bird - thats graham writing that by the way !!!!! Just wanted to sign your guest book, to make me feel even more important !!!! Hope you don't mind. Your web site is really cool by the way, though not as good as mine!!! Ha HA Ha!!!! My website is www.oocities.com/graham4124/ Not as good as yours really!!!! Alright mate!! it's mr G here comin at you from the land of Exeter. How are u doin!!! Mate!!! It's alright, dont worry about jem!!! she thinks that she is some sort of queen!! She has also had a 3 hour long lecture which I have had to wait around for her for. FUCK!!!!! Anyway take care grebo!! Jem x x x & Graham (p.s you aint getting kisses from me!!! I ain't no queer bastard!!) See ya geeze..

Jokuji - 03/01/00 11:45:14
Location: South Block
Hello, how are you doing boddy?

Graham Boulton - 02/24/00 15:00:35
My Email:g1boulton@plymouth.ac.uk
Location: You know!!
Hello little man!!! Yep, it's me signing up onto the site!! I think it is absolutely wicked!!! Keep up the good work. Graham....

Nando - 02/18/00 17:48:09
Hi there!!!

Micky ^o^ - 02/16/00 11:49:04
My Email:mickychak@hotmail.com
Location: Hong Kong
Hello, Sven, at last i also can sign ur guestbook..hahah,yeah!!!!! Your web is cool....although it still haven't finish all...nevermind, just keep it on...i know if u have time.....u can do it very well!!!!!

PJ - 02/11/00 19:10:48
My Email:pjkuklis@frognet.net
Location: Ohio, USA
Thank you for sharing with me.......You are so interesting to me and I will come and explore often!!! ^_^

ray - 02/05/00 20:56:48
My Email:ray.vella@btinternet.com
Location: beckenham
Well someone had to be the first to sign and say they have been to your web site All the best again Ray

Conor Patten - 02/02/00 01:11:24
My Email:cpatten@nospamiona.com
Sven, Hello from Boston! Conor

elsa - 01/23/00 15:50:01
My Email:mathematix@caramail.com
Location: france
Ummm...Ok, not bad, pretty cool page in fact!! I like the colours :) I bet i'm the only French person around in this guestbook, hee hee... I'll come back later cos' I'm in a hurry. Well in case Sven's mum reads this, I'm Elsa Eileen's daughter, you can send me any mail for my mum I'll pass it on - without reading it promise! She's been wanting some news for months! A quick hello to Sven's sistas - if they remember me. bye bye!

ommok - 01/14/00 00:17:15
My Email:bellezza@supanet.com
Location: UK planet earth
Kemm hadt gost naqra il-website tieghek illum. Kemm sirt bravu, hej!! Imma x'tippretendi meta ghandek omm bhali!!!! Have you guessed who?!!!!! Yes, it's the one who spawned the red-head in Clogg City!.. I think the website is super although it's great to know that you have mastered the art of economy..... of words!!! Would love to read more. Take care. Hobbok dejjem. Mamaxxxx

Reina - 01/13/00 13:50:53
My Email:rnorris@londontv.com
Location: Sunny London - NOT
Hi Bro! Of course, I'm biased but I like the website a lot! Keep it going. I'll have to take a closer look at it if you want more detailed comments so.....I'll be back!! By the way - don't I get a mention??!! lossa luv Reina xx

LAI - 01/11/00 19:43:14
My Email:Getshorty77@yahoo.com
Location: where I am now
Can I comment later on as I have not seen your site yet. Ciao

milk - 01/11/00 16:18:36
My Email:city_of_milk@fieldofdreams.co.uk
Location: :)
I've been here!!!!! Lots of hugs!

Thao - 10/13/99 14:46:41
My Email:sv_thea99@yahoo.fr
Company: hhhmmmm...:)
Location: somewhere along the superhighway
Hello Sven.... Just a short note...regarding your page...it is pretty cool & we seem to share the same sense of humour...as for the picture...shall I say that it does not really reflect the 3D....you?!...Sigh... :)...On a scale of 0 to 10 I would give it a 5...cos' you look soo much O.L.D.E.R!!!!! See you tonight..... Ciaoooooooo T.

Dave - 06/13/99 11:24:57
Why did I type Svan??? I *knew* it was Sven. I guess it's Sunday morning baby sick dyslexia...

Dave Roxburgh - 06/13/99 11:21:08
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/motorcity/2739
My Email:daveroxburgh@oocities.com
Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Hey Svan, thanks for dropping by and signing my guestbook - I thought I'd check out your page... and I figured I'd return the favour! I gotta return sometime and play Baldur's Gate, looks interesting. Have you tried Playsite? It's real neat for interactiv strategy/board games although it seems a bit slow today for some reason. Also, I didn't realise Mike had a GeoCities page - it makes much more fun reading than his work page! Great page Svan, thanks for the URL! Dave

Billy Tweedie - 05/21/99 03:42:08
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~BillyTweedie/
My Email:wcft@dp.net
Location: U.S.A.
Thanks so much for the comments in my guestbook! I find your life very interesting dude! Keep it coming! Visit me soon! For the ones who do not know who I am from Madonna.. Let me introduce myself, I'm Billy from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I now live in Pennsylvania, USA. I've been a talent promoter since 1991. I've worked for record companies in England and have been successful in promoting numerous artists. Also, I had my wn record label for a time when I was in Ireland. I came to the USA in 1994 and studied at the University of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with the people here and the uniqueness of America. I'm interested in getting my career started here professionally. Billy Tweedie's web site is at http://members.tripod.com/~BillyTweedie/ Please visit my little piece of the web! While you are there, sign my Guestbook!! I would love to read your comments!!! I have a lot of new material on the site if you've already been there once before! Links include: London Ireland Pittsburgh,PA. Lots of things have been added to my ever growing web site! Please venture there when you have a minute to spare, look around and have fun!!!! Things to check out this time include: Europe's Hottest Male singer of ROCK! TAZMANIA North America's Hottest Band looking for that right hit song!! More of my personal fave singers and web site links listed for you all to see what I do on the WEB! Sign my GUESTBOOK if you please...it would make me HAPPY!! Hope this quick note finds U all well and peaceful! Mail me soon! Billy Tweedie's web site is at http://members.tripod.com/~BillyTweedie/

Sandra (better known as SunshineSanny) - 04/30/99 21:48:03
My Email:Sandra_Uytterhoeven@yahoo.com
Location: Belgium
Great page, sven!! I've looked at a few things, and I have to say, I'm surprised. Really, I love what you did!! This sure is 1 of my favorite sites at the moment!!

saskia norris - 04/23/99 21:38:50
My Email:saskia@rights.demon.co.uk
I must say I'm very impressed. It is much better than my web-site, but there you go, we can't all be perfectionist like you. Maybe you should add a couple of games onto your site as this will attract people to it more.(Well that is what attracts me, anywa ) That is all for now Take care Your B. S Saskia xxxxxx

YellowBeanie - 04/07/99 16:29:36
My Email:arjavanespen@yahoo.com
Location: Belgium
Great page Sven!!! See? I've chekked things out and it seems OK!!! See you soon!!

Reina - 04/02/99 22:57:34
My URL:http://www.londontv.com
Company: London Television Service
Location: London
Have fun creating the rest!

Valerie - 04/02/99 22:54:44
Congratulations Sven, You have done a marvellous job!!

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