ShareWare Files

The following programs are all "SHAREWARE", which is to say that the
authors expect to receive a payment from you, should you decide to keep and
use their software.  In return you will receive an enhancement and/or a
printed manual, together with upgrades in the future.  Monies should only
be sent to the authors.  Full details will be found in the program's

ZS01	Z88-WORDPERFECT LINK (v1.08) by Tinus van de Wouw (2267). A Z88-PC
link package which doesn't require the PCLink ROM and offers, in addition,
file conversion to WordPerfect¾.  Only available on PC disk.

ZS02	STERLING pfs (v1.8a) by David Humphries (3781). An excellent personal
finance system with which to keeps tabs on your solvency (or otherwise!).

ZS03	ZFU v2.02 by Richard Haw.  ZFU is an archival and compression program
with which it is possible to backup files (all or selected) to a single
archive file in the manner of ARC , ZIP or other archival programs.  18.5K