Document Files

ZD01 	MANUAL.Z88 by Dennis Groning (1080) - a list of additions and
corrections to the third edition of the Z88 User Manual. 12K
		B=Swedish-Epson PrinterEd file
		C=Swedish-IBM PrinterEd file

ZD02	SHORT WAVES by Jack Lawrie (4635).  A listing of short wave radio
stations, their frequencies and their air-times. Contains both winter and
summer schedules. This document will be kept regularly up-to-date. 14K

ZD03	ARCSCAN DATABASE (Release 2) by Richard Darby (5045). Two database
files for use with ArcScan on the Archimedes from which you can extract
information about material published within Z88 EPROM or the Library List. 
	Only available on Archimedes disk from the Archimedes sub-librarian.

ZD04	WORLD TIME by Jack Lawrie (4635). A comprehensive listing of cities
around the world and the local time relative to GMT. 4.5K


zBaseż Programs

The following zBase program suites are also available from the Software

ZB01	STOCK by Wordmongers. The demonstration database which appears in the
zBase manual. 30K

ZB02	FRONTEND by Wordmongers. Shields you from the inner workings of zBase
by offering a menu-driven front end to  the program. 28K

ZB03	BOXCHARS by Wordmongers. Allows you to incorporate lines and boxes
into your database displays. 17K

ZB04	CARDBASE by Simon Phipps (0221). A sophisticated, alternative front
end for zBase. 50K

ZB05	ADDRESS V2.00 by Ian Braby (0123). An address book database which
offers two search modes (index "find" and  in-string "locate") and some
on-line help.  10K

ZB06	TTD ("Things To Do") by Huw Jacob (1407). Schedule up to eight things
to do with different priorities. 6.5K