QL Sprite Collection

The following zip files contain Mode 4 and Mode 16 QL sprites that I have gathered into a collection.

QLSPRT4.ZIP- Collection of Mode 4 Sprites gathered from other QL Freeware programs.

QLSPRT16.ZIP- Collection of Mode 16 sprites from Francois Van Emelen.

WNSPRT4.ZIP - Collection of Mode 4 Sprites that have been converted from Windows 3.1 Icons.

WNSPRT16.ZIP - Collection of Mode 16 sprites that have been converted from Windows 3.1 Icons.

msprv06.zip - Multi Sprite Viewer from Per Witte. Latest as of 23 March 04.

Structured SuperBasic 2.7

***** NEW 12 JAN 2006 *****

Structured SuperBasic (SSB) is a program that takes SuperBasic programs written in the SSB style and converts them to full running SuperBasic programs.

Structured SuperBasic supports the following features:

Structured SuperBasic programs are written in any text editor and converted with the SSB program.

Although Structured SuperBasic does add one extra step in going from writing code to a runnable program, it does give the programmer lots of extra features to make the programming process more structured. No line numbers and blank lines between code allows for an easier reading program. #INCLUDE statements allow the code to be broken up into smaller pieces and allows code reuse. No line numbers means that software management utilities, such as the Resource Control System (RCS) is easier to use.

*** Now Supports Multiple Languages - English, German and Italian.

Structured SuperBasic is a freeware program. It was compiled with Turbo 4 and requires TKII and the Environment Variables (ENV_BIN).

ssb27.zip (120K)


FileConfig is based on O. Fink's BasConfig program and automates its use. With BasConfig, you have to enter all of the Config Block information by hand. Make a mistake and you have to start all over again. Want to change a Config Block definition? With BasConfig you have to totally recreate it.

FileConfig uses a Config Block Definition file. Once you create the file, just run FileConfig and your Config Block is created. If you need to change the structure of the Config Block, just edit the Definition file, rerun FileConfig and the new, updated, Config Block is created.

filecfg.zip (16K)


Lynx is an HTML (web) browser, ported to the QL by Jonathan Hudson. On the QL Lynx is only capable of looking at local files (no Net access). This archive is a minimal installation of Lynx and will fit onto a single 720K floppy. I've written up a short "How To Use Lynx" article to get you going. This version will run on a QL with a Gold Card.

lynx.zip (281K)