Part I:
"True Viking Music"

Alfheim - ? (1997): Former project of Morgueldar, member of Heresiarh and creator of Morgueldar’s Tolkein Music List.

Amon Amarth - Swedish melodic death metal with strong Viking themes.
The Crusher (2001)

The Avenger (1999) Once Sent From the Golden Hall (1998): Most of this album describes the adventures of five otherworldly warriors. I would have guessed that the five represented members of the band, but there were only four band members at his time. Perhaps the man in the first few songs joins the band members when he dies, making five? I'm not sure why they like the number 5 so much either, it's not even a multiple of three! Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds (1995) The Arrival of Fimbul Winter (1994) Thor Arise (1993)

Ásatrú: Rob Engvikson's one man band. His songs are about everyday Viking life and their way, battles they fought, their beliefs, Norse Mythology and the Runes. Heavily inspired by early Bathory.

2249RE Demo (1999) Homepage

Asgard: A progressive rock band.

Asgard - To a Golden Age (1996): I don't have the lyrics for this French death metal album, so I'm just guessing which songs are relevant. The title might be a reference to life after Ragnarok, but then again maybe not.

Asgard: Belgian black/Viking metal. This is probably the same as the previous listing, but one place said they were French and another Belgian.
In To War Aska - Avenger Contributed by

Ayreon - Into the Electric Castle(1998): This double CD is a tongue-in-cheek, campy, science-fiction scenario with exaggerated cliche characters. "A deafening thunderclap as time and space collide! Eight human souls (eight different singers), plucked from their eras of Time, suddenly find themselves together in a strange dimension... A mysterious voice directs them through a maze of trails leading into the electric castle. Within the castle they must find the gate back to their own centuries. Will they survive? And who is the voice...?" One of these characters is the 'high & mighty' Barbarian who wants to conquer this new land. Although he's called a Barbarian, he is obviously a Viking as shown by his references to Thor, Odin, and Valhalla. Only those songs in which he appears are listed here. Also, in order for the characters to reach the castle, they must cross a rainbow bridge, reminiscent of Bifrost.

Disc 1
  • Amazing flight
    a) Amazing flight in space
  • The decision tree (we're alive)
Disc 2
  • The garden of emotions
    b) Voices in the sky
  • The castle hall
  • The two gates
  • Another time, another space

One of the foremost, and certainly my favorite, of all Viking metal bands in existence. The first sign of influence from Scandinavian mythology appeared on Under the Sign of the Black Mark. It isn't until 1990, with the release of Hammerheart, that their full potential is reached. Most of Blood on Ice was recorded before then (1988 through 1989,) but the album wasn't released until 1996. See Songs #2 for more information.
Blood on Ice (1996): An epic album highly inspired by heroic Norse legends. Essentially, this is an attempt by Quorthon (the frontman of Bathory who writes all the songs) at writing his own legend. To fully experience this, you should buy the album, read the lyrics and Quorthon's comments (or read them here,) and enjoy the music. Also, take a look at the album cover by Christian Wahlin. Sleipnir can be seen in the top left corner, and Hugin and Munin fly over the mountains in the background. Óðin himself stands disguised at the bottom of the picture, and there are other aspects of the songs portrayed here as well.

Twilight of the Gods (1991): Although this is generally considered a Viking metal album, these are the only songs which I believe are relevant. Hammerheart (1990): Their first all Viking album, these songs are mostly about the roles religion played in Viking society. Blood, Fire, Death (1988) Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987) Bethzaida - Prelude to Nine Worlds (1997): Mini-CD containing one track from their first demo, 'Dawn', and four tracks from the 'Nine Worlds' demo.
Nine Worlds (1996): The first full-length Bethzaida album, with the same title as their second demo. Nine Worlds (demo, 1995) Bifrost - Mythistory: The cover depicts four Thor's Hammers falling into a fire on the cover.
The Wildest Fire Pagan Reality Black Sabbath - Tyr This album contributed by Eric of Eric's Casa.

Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind (1989)

Bloodaxe - In Battle (2000): Album was released on June 6th (the anniversary date of the Battle of Lindisfarne) and limited to 793 copies (the year of the Battle of Lindisfarne). Borknagar: Bandmember Garm, also in Arcturus, Fimbulwinter, and Ulver.
The Olden Domain (1997) Brutal Attack - When Odin Calls

Burzum - Hlidskjalf (1999): A synth-based instrumental album dedicated to the myths of the death Wuotan. It's the second part in a trilogy which began with Daudi Baldrs.

Daudi Baldrs (1997) This entire album is about the life and death of Balder. Varg interprets this myth as a metaphor for the Christianization of "his people". In this case, Balder represents "the meaning of life".
Crimson Glory: This progressive metal group originally started in 1982 as Beowulf.
Crimson Glory(1986) Crystal Eyes: A new Swedish power metal band whose lyrics deal mostly with fantasy and science fiction. In Silence They March (2000) Diamond Fist Werny - Diamond Fist Werny Einherjer: Another Norwegian Viking metal band with its roots in black metal. Recently they have begun to use more traditional metal sounds and progressive keyboards. However, all of their diverse influences seem haphazardly jumbled together. Add a terrible vocalist to the mix and you get Einherjer.
Norwegian Native Art (2000): The liner notes state that guest singer Hanne E. Andersen provides the Valkyrian Voice. Odin Owns Ye All (1998) Far Far North (1997) Dragons of the North (1996) Leve Vikingånden (1994): Seven-inch single.
Aurora Borealis (1994): First demo, re-released as a mini-CD in 1996. Vocals by Nidhogg. Enslaved: A black metal band who have been playing Viking music from the very beginning. I don't have the lyrics to most of their albums, so in many cases I have only listed those songs with direct references in the titles. See Songs #2 for more information.
Monumension (2001): They seem to have dispensed with the Viking lyrics on this album, except for the last song. Mardraum (2000): Mardraum is Old Norse for nightmare. The lyrics on this album are in Enslaved's tradition of the 'Viking Way,' meaning that they include a lot of links to the mythology and magic beliefs of their ancestors. Blodhemn (1999) - Eld (1997) Frost (1994) Vikingligr Veldi (1993) Hordanes Land (1993) - Split CD with Emperor. Anyone have an English translation of the lyrics? Yggdrasil (1992) Falkenbach: See also Songs #2. - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintri (1997): Beautiful cover showing Viking ships. Fallen Yggdrasil: A German death metal band.

Fatima Hill: Japanese heavy metal with female vocals.
Valhalla (1997, re-mastered 2000)

Invitation to Valhalla (1997): demo tape

Fenris - A progressive metal band.

Fimbulwinter: An extinct black metal band. Bandmember Garm, also in Arcturus, Borknagar, and Ulver.

Freikorps - Heil Odin!

Gaia - Icendaar: I believe this project was canned before anything was recorded. Below is part of the proposed tracklist.

Garm: a black metal band.

Hagalaz' Runedance: Project of author and former member of Aghast, Andrea Nebel Haugen. This quote and the ones below are from Andrea herself:

"Hagalaz is the rune of destructive and creative forces within nature. [It is used] to open doors to the underworld or to Hel, which represents the subconscious. Hagalaz is thus the rune of the Volva and another name for her is Hagtessa or Hagedis. Hagalaz' Runedance... represents the dance of the Hagalaz rune, the magical practice of the wise women, the dance inbetween the worlds."
Volven (2000) Urd - That Which Was (1999): Mini-CD with 2 new songs. The Winds that Sang of Midgard's Fate (1998) Heimdall - Lord of the Sky: The album title may refer to Odin, but I haven't been able to find out any more about this Italian progressive/power metal group.

Helheim: Bandmembers Hrimgrimnir and Hrymr.
Av Narrøn Ætt = "Of Norse Tribe"


Himinbjorg: A black metal band. Keep in mind that I don't have the lyrics, so I'm guessing about the content of these songs.
Where Ravens Fly

Hin Onde: Formerly Svartalfheim.
Songs of Battle (2000) Ahti's Depths (2000): Demo; the first and third songs were released on Svartalfheim's 1998 album. In the Woods... - HEart of the Ages (1995) Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (1982) Isengard: Band member Fenriz. He is also in the bands Dark Throne, Dødheimsgard, Storm, and Valhall.
Vandraren: In Norwegian, Vandrer means simply "wander", and the suffix "-en" makes it "The Wanderer". Jotunheim: Swedish Viking metal. I can't understand the lyrics, but I'll do my best. They have recorded two demos which can be purchased from their homepage. Of course, I have no idea what they sound like, but if you're a sucker for Viking metal and you need to have it all, there it is.
Høght Blæsir Heimdallr (1999) Aldagautr (1998) Kamelot - Eternity (1995) Kampfar - Mellom Skogkledde Aaser (1997) Krauka: Krauka play folk music of the Vikings on reconstructed instruments. Their songs are derived from the ancient Norse songs and sagas. (contributed by band member Jens)

Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy (1973)

Led Zeppelin III (1970) Long Winters’ Stare - The Tears of Odin's Fallen (2000): The newest album by this symphonic doom/death metal band tells the epic story of the Valkyries.

Lordian Guard - Lordian Guard (1995)

Home Page

Månegarm: A Swedish folk/black metal band whose name means "Moon Garm".
Nordstjärnans Tidsålder (1998)

Contributed by Patrik Marckert.
Official Site

- Kings of Metal (1988)
  • The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings): "Odin I await thee/Your true son am I." That’s about all. The rest is a typical Manowar song about heavy metal and war.
  • Blood of the Kings: Mentions the sign of the hammer.
Sign of the Hammer (1984) Hail to England (1984)
  • Blood of My Enemies: Viking battle song.
    "To Asgard the Valkyries fly/High overhead - they carry the dead"
  • Kill With Power: More killing of the "False Ones."
    "To the war god Odin you will pray."
  • Hail to England: Describes the Vikings sailing to England to search for the Holy Grail.
    "Raise sails head for the open sea. / With sails full of wind - our hearts/Overflow with belief.
    The quest for the grail to England / We sail, with our steel."
Thanks to Anders Hogseth for pointing out this album to me.
Into Glory Ride (1983) Mark, Jon - Celtic Story (1993)
  • Odin's Boat: Anyone know more about this song or album?

Midgard: Female fronted Swedish band.

Midgards Söner: Swedish RAC punks.

Mithotyn: Swedish Viking metal.
Gathered Around the Oaken Table (1999)

  • Chariot of Thunder: Thor's chariot.
  • The Well of Mimir
  • Hooves Over Northland: The hooves of Sleipnir as Odin rides across the sky.
King of the Distant Forest (1997)
  • Under the Banner: "The sons of midgard" are fighting Christianity to reclaim their land "in the name of the Æsir".
  • The Vengeance: A Viking battle song.
    "a toast to my brothers / Who now fight on the vast plains / Outside of Valhalla"
  • Ragnarokk: Bonus track on limited edition digipack version.
In the Sign of the Ravens (1997)
  • In the Sign of the Ravens
Nidhogg (1995): Demotape.

Moonsorrow: The majority of their lyrics involve Finnish beliefs and legends, which are very cool, but not in the scope of this list. Suden Uni (2000)

  • 1065: Aika = "1065: Time": Tells about the Battle of Stamford Bridge; the last Viking battle on English soil. Read more about it at Past Forward.
Metsä (1997) Contributed by Henri Sorvali of Moonsorrow

Morbid Jester - Gates to Valhalla (1999)

Morifade: Very good melodic metal with clean vocals.
  • Northern Rhyme
Contributed by

Motorhead - Orgasmatron (1986)

  • Deaf Forever Another, rather pessimistic, Viking battle song.
    "No one knows, friends or foes, if Valhalla lies beyond the grave"
Contributed by Ken Harker, jr.

Musspellsheim: All I know is that at least one member is now in some band called The Final Holocaust.

Nagelfar: A German black metal band.

Naglfar: Satanic Swedish black metal, not to be confused with Nagelfar.

Nifelheim - Nifelheim (1995)

Nordwind - Viking Party
Words of Odin

Northcrown - Ancient Battles, Part I (2000): Six-song demo from this Finnish Viking metal band in the vein of Storm. Based on the saga of Beowulf.

Odhinn: Even yet still more Nordic black metal.

Odin: Just another band, I suppose...

Odin’s Anglar: Rock with lots of folk influences.

Otyg: Otyg is a collective name for all the dark creatures that dwell in Scandinavian folklore.
Älvefärd - Translates loosely to "The Journey of the Elves". The album cover depicts a group of elves harassing an old troll. It´s a painting by Theodor Kittelsen, a Norweigan artist who was strongly influenced by Scandinavian folklore.

Path Of Debris - The Eyes Of The Basilisk

Ragnarok: Norwegian black metal.

Shadowbreed: Death metal from Holland.
Only Shadows Remain (2001)

Siegfried: It was the idea of vocalist and founder Bruder Cle (alias Hagen) to base Siegfried's lyrics around the Niebelungenlied. Siegfried is the name of one of the main characters in this epic German poem based on Scandinavian legends.

Skullhead - Odin's Law


Solstice: British doom metal.
Halcyon (1995)
  • To Ride With Tyr
Lamentations (1994): The album cover is a very cool depiction of a Viking burial at sea. Homepage

Somber Blessings - Legend (1998)

Stirnagard - Koldbrand I Jesu Marg (2000): Debut demo from this Nordic black metal band on Valgader Records.
  • Odins Brede Skuldre

Storm: The folk metal creation of Fenriz, Satyr, and Kari Rueslatten. They play heavy versions of several traditional Norwegian folk songs.
  • Lokk: Like all their other songs, the lyrics are in Norwegian, but I assume this is a song about Loki.

Svartalfheim - Well of the Highest Knowledge (1998) Therion - Secret of the Runes (2001): Their latest album explores the nine worlds (plus a prologue and an epilogue). Contributed by Ty Oslovnik

Thor: A really cheesy heavy metal band with lyrics like: "Let the blood run red! Let them ALL be dead! All those who oppose the metal avenger! Look them in the eyes! Knock them down to size! No one must oppose the metal avenger! WHO DARES TO FIGHT THE AVENGER?!" and "ride ride ride on the wings of the Valkyrie."
Contributed by Michael Rohm.

Thorr's Hammer: Black metal with female lead vocals.

Thorshammer: Berlin B&H band.

Throne of Ahaz - On Twilight Enthroned (1997)


Thyrfing: A Swedish Viking metal band. Their name comes from Tyrfing (the tyr-weapon, the trollsword), a mythological sword created by the dwarfs Durin and Dvalin for King Svaverlame, Odin's grandson. However, because they were forced to create the sword, the dwarfs put a curse on it causing it to eventually kill Svaverlame. See Songs #2 for more information.
Urkraft (2000): A slight progression since their last album, but the same unique Viking metal sound. The lyrics are evenly split between Swedish and English, and I have done my best to decipher the meanings behind all songs.

  • Mjölner
  • Dryckeskväde = "Drinking song" Swedish lyrics which mention "Midgård" and "Allfader".
  • Sweoland Conqueror: A song about Oden and his brothers, Vile and Ve.
  • Home Again: A Viking returns home after 13 years at sea.
  • The Breaking of Serenity: Describes the death of a Viking. Eldfärd: instrumental
  • Ways of a Parasite: Tells of the murder of a Christian in the name of Oden. Jord
  • Till Valfader Urgammal= "To Oden the Primordial"
    Translations by Patrik Marckert.
Valdr Galga (1999): Valdr Galga is one of Odin's many names, which is used in the aforementioned legends. I believe all songs on this album are Viking-related.
  • Prelude: Heading for the Golden Hall
  • Storms of Asgard: Reclaiming the land from Christianity.
  • From Wilderness Came Death: Wolves attack a village.
    "A village of death, Fenrir’s cold work."
  • Valdr Galga: The story of Odin’s sacrifice at Yggdrasil.
  • The Deceitful: A song about Loki.
  • Arising: A story about a Viking ghost.
  • Firever: "Fire forever."
  • A Moment in Valhalla
  • Mimer's Well: A song about Odin's exploits.
  • A Great Man's Return: A call for the return of Odin.
Thyrfing (1998): Only those songs that are definitely relevant are listed below. Most of them are self-explanatory.
  • Raven Eyes: A song about ravens attacking Christian invaders.
  • Set Sail To Plunder
  • Celebration of Our Victory
  • Wotan's Fire
  • Going Berserk
Solen Svartnar (1995):Thyrfing's first demo, of which only 100 copies were distributed. The title means "The Sun Turns Black" and the lyrics of the 4 songs deal with the concept of Ragnarök.
Thanks to Thomas, Thyrfing's singer, for his help!

Ulvhedin - Pagan Manifest (2000)

Gnipahellir (1999): demo Unleashed - Warrior (1997) Victory (1995)
  • The Defender: More Viking battle.
  • Berserk: Tomas thinks he's a Viking.
Across the Open Sea (1993) Shadows in the Deep (1991)
  • Onward to Countless Battles: Viking pride
  • Land of Ice: Referring to Miðgarð, I assume.
    "In the land of ice/Where the hooves of Sleipnir pound"
Where No Life Dwells (1991)
  • Into Glory Ride: Viking battle song, but where's Birka?

Utgard: Finnish black metal.

Valhall: A psychedelic rock/doom metal side project of Fenriz.
Contributed by Alfred Dalziel

Valhalla - On the Way to the Gods: A 9-song Viking-concept album from the Ukraine. Available on Elven Witchcraft distribution.

Valhalla: A death metal band, presumably not the same as the one listed above.

Valhalla: Hungarian RAC band.

Vanaheim - En Historie: The demo CD from this Norwegian Viking metal band is based upon a story about a Viking who leaves his home to fight, then returns and finds his home in raging war. It's a great album with a lot of folk and classical influences.
Contributed by Bjorn Sundberg of Hrafn.

Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - part 2 (1995)

  • Twilight of the Gods: The tale of Ragnarok.
  • Rising Unchained: A continuation of Twilight of the Gods. In this song, Balder is the "King Unchained".

  • Retaliation: "Vengeance shall be ours as we cut the throats of our enemies-we spill their blood upon the earth-a sacrifice to Odin: On our path to conquest, we lay waste to their cities-we shall burn them to the ground-a sacrifice to Tyr: Their temples we destroy-their sacred books are left in ashes-we shall behead their holy men-a sacrifice to Thor: Vengeance shall be ours as we cut the throats of our enemies-we shall spill their blood upon the earth in retaliation."

White Lion - Fight to Survive (1985)
  • The Road to Valhalla: The whole song is about a young Viking warrior who knows he is going to Valhalla that very day.
    "There is a road that leads to Valhalla, a place in the land of the gods..."
    Contributed by Angantyr of The Dragon's Sanctum.
White Skull - Tales from the North (1999): Their second release is a kind of concept album about Vikings.
  • Tales from the North
  • Asgard
  • Gods of the Sea: Aegir is the god of the sea and resembles Poseidon in many ways. His wife, Ran, often captures seafarers in her net.
  • Viking's Tomb: A burial at sea.
  • Kreimhild Story: This song begins a mini-concept dealing with Kreimhild, Siegfried's queen in the Nebelungenleid.
  • The Killing Queen
  • The Terrible Slaughter
  • Horant
  • Fighting and Feasting: Such are the activities in Valhalla
  • Here We Are: Loki and company arrive at Ragnarok.