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SCCA Rules for the Solo Vee

B)  GCR Legal FV 

C) Solo V as per the following definition: Solo V is based on FV and all cars shall meet all specifications described in Sections 12.1.6.C.1, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.6, C.7, C.8, C.9, C.10, C.11 and C.12 of the Formula Category Specifications except as amended in these rules. No permitted or alternate component or modification shall additionally perform a prohibited function.

1) Any wheels and tires are allowed. Resulting track changes are allowed. Studs may be substituted for wheel attachment bolts in the original location.

2) Any 1600cc or smaller air-cooled automotive engine manufactured by Volkswagen for sale in Volkswagen vehicles available to the general public for purchase in the United States is allowed, subject to the following restrictions. This does not allow the use of heads from engines from vehicles not available for purchase in the United States, unless they meet the requirements of Section C.2.c

a) Mixing of parts between different engine models is permitted. All parts must meet Volkswagen specifications for engines delivered for use in the United States in Volkswagen vehicles unless otherwise noted herein.

b) Balancing of all moving parts is permitted provided balancing does not remove more material than necessary to achieve balance.

c) Parts from alternate manufacturers or remanufactured parts are permitted provided said parts are of the same material, are dimensionally identical and meet all original Volkswagen specifications for engines delivered for use in the United States in Volkswagen vehicles.

d) The flywheel from either the alternate engine or from the 1200cc engine may be used. Minimum flywheel weight is twelve (12) lbs. Any single disk clutch may be used. The transmission housing may be machined to provide clearance when using the alternate engine flywheel assembly.

e) Any intake manifold may be used. 

f) One two-barrel carburetor of any origin may be used.

g) Any exhaust system which terminates more than three inches behind the rearmost part of the body may be used.

h) Counterweighted crankshaft and eight dowel pinned crankshaft-to-flywheel mounting are allowed. All journal dimensions and relationships with each other must remain as stock. Crankshaft journals may be ground undersize a maximum of .030" less than stock dimensions. Crankshaft pulley is unrestricted.

i) Deep sump oil pan up to 2.5 quart additional capacity is permitted. The installation of baffles housed completely within the oil pan and crankcase is permitted. The use of any standard VW oil pump is permitted. Dry sump systems are prohibited. Replacement of oil gallery plugs with threaded plugs is permitted. Oil filters and oil coolers are unrestricted provided that they are securely mounted completely within the bodywork. A pressure accumulator / "Accusump" may be fitted.

j) Camshaft and valve train components are unrestricted with the following exceptions: 

1. Pushrods shall be made of metal. 

2. Valve lifters (tappets) shall be dimensionally and functionally identical to and made of the same material as the standard VW parts. 

3. Roller camshafts are prohibited. 

4. Rocker arms shall be stock ratio 

5. Volkswagen. Maximum valve sizes are restricted to 39.0mm intake and 32.0mm exhaust. Valves shall be stock length (with a tolerance of +.100"maximum) and valve stem diameters shall be stock. Valves shall be of steel. 

6. Valve guide material is unrestricted provided that the distance between valve centers and the angles of the valves does not change. 

k) Porting, polishing and machining of the intake and exhaust ports is permitted. The addition of material in any form is prohibited. Valve seat angle(s) are unrestricted.

l) Compression ratio may be increased by additional machining of any factory machined surface on the cylinder heads only. Absolute maximum static compression ratio is 9.00-to-1.  Installation of a spark plug hole repair utilizing standard thread repair methods (such as Helicoil) is permitted providing that the spark plug centerline is not changed.

m)  May use any primary or final drive gears of any origin. This does not allow the use of alternate transaxles.

n) Complete or partial removal of any cooling duct component. Removal of the fan and the fan housing is permitted. Any electric fan is permitted for cooling the engine or engine oil. 

o) Voltage regulator, generator and/or generator stand may be removed.

p) Any ignition system that utilizes a distributor for spark timing and distribution may be used. Distributor shall require no modification to the engine for installation. Internal distributor components and distributor cap may be substituted.

q) Valve covers are unrestricted and may be bolted on.