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 The First Recordings
I Tried/I Can't Quit You Baby 
1966-Purdah 3503 
Cold Blooded Woman/True Story
Purdah (withdrawn)
later released in the UK and US on the LPs
British Blues Anthology Vols. 1&2 
1968-Immediate Records

Shake Down
Decca 1967

Getting To The Point
Parrot 1968

Blue Matter
Parrot 1969

A Step Further
Parrot 1969

Raw Sienna
Parrot 1969

Looking In
Parrot 1970

Street Corner Talking 
Parrot 1971

Hellbound Train 
Parrot 1972

Lions Share
Parrot 1972

Jack The Toad
Parrot 1973

Boogie Brothers
London 1974

Wire Fire
London 1975

Skin 'N' Bone
London 1977

Best of Savoy Brown
London 1977

Savage Return
London 1978

Rock and Roll Warriors
Accord 1981

Greatest Hits Live
Accord 1981

Just Live
Line 1981

Best of Savoy Brown
Decca 1982

Live In Central Park
Relix 1985

Slow Train
Relix 1986

Best of Savoy Brown
C5 1987

Make Me Sweat
GNP/Crescendo 1987

Kings Of Boogie
GNP/Crescendo 1989

Live And Kickin' 
GNP/Crescendo 1990

Let It Ride
Roadhouse 1992

Savoy Brown Collection
Deram 1993

Savoy Brown Collection
GNP/Crescendo 1993

Bring It Home
Viceroy 1995

Kim Simmonds-Solitaire
Blue Wave 1997

Live At The Record Plant
Archive 1998

Encore Collection
Bottom Line 1999

The Blues Keep Me Holding On
Mystic 1999

Jack The Toad
Mooncrest 2000

Looking From The Outside
Live '60/'70
Mooncrest 2000

Kim Simmonds
Blues Like Midnight
Blue Wave 2001

Strange Dreams
Blind Pig Records 2003

Struck By Lightning
Panache Records 2004

You Should Have Been There!
Panache Records 2004
Panache Records 2007