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Announcement: August 13, 2009

GeoCities is closing on October 26. Here is the new site: Nothing is there yet, just the place-holder main page, but material will be transferring over soon.

Announcement: May 2, 2009

Apparently GeoCities will be closing later this year, so this site will be relocating. I'll try to have a link set up in a month or two to the new location, as soon as I've picked one out. If anyone knows a good free web-hosting service, let me know.

As you can see in the latest update, I've started pulling apart some of the more fundamental parts of the D6 rules and replacing them with rules that I think are easier, more balanced, or just a better way of turning the Star Wars setting into a role-playing game. As with all of my rule changes, I'm trying to keep 3 things in mind: game balance, simplicity, and realism. There are always going to be trade-offs between these 3, but if any one of them is really missing, especially at the fundamental parts of your rule system, everything else is just going to fall apart. Anyone who uses my rules, please let me know how well it worked for you.

Announcement: Feb 1, 2009

When this site was set up - 9/30/2002 - I originally intended it to keep the original, unmodified D6 rules for the Star Wars RPG alive. I wanted to collect all of the rules and material that I could find, and compile it all in one place. The D6 rules have a lot going for them, with their simplicity and versatility. However, the new directions that the Star Wars franchise has taken since 2001 (or whenever West End Games lost the license to produce the SWRPG) caused some problems. The D6 material is becoming more dated with every new movie, book, and television show. Jedi, for example, are different now from what many of the 1990s authors envisioned. And each time a new piece of material is created, the more obvious it makes the system's flaws (yes, there are some). Much of the material seems to have been created without much comparison to previously-written material- GMs call this "balance issues." Some of the rules are so cumbersome that I wonder how much they were play-tested.

So, with some reluctance, I have begun writing up the first sets of major changes to the rules. Some of these have already started to appear: Force points, Force powers, alien species traits, items/equipment, grenades, sensors, piloting, and starship shields all come to mind. In the future, the West End Games material will start appearing in separate files, preserved in all of its original unmodified splendor. Most of the site, though, will be the rules and material that I use to play the game- rules and material that I think is balanced, accurate to the Star Wars setting, and simple enough to use while still being "realistic." I think that much of it will still be very similar to the original D6 rules, but some of it needs to be changed.

Watch for changes here in the future!