1) The SWA accepts original wrestlers only. No ripoffs or cheap imitations will be accepted.

2) You must roleplay at least once a week or inform the staff ahead of time if you are unable to. We need to know this no later than Monday night 11:59pm EST.

3) Don't ask to win or you'll lose.

4) Don't ask to lose cause that's just fucking stupid.

5) You may have a maximum of two characters. You have the choice of either two singles wrestlers or a tag team. The reason for this limit is to prevent your quality from suffering.

6) Outcome of matches is based upon roleplays, quality over quantity. Pictures & colorful text are nice, but content is vital.

7) Please do not use members of the staff or other wrestlers in your roleplays as if they were present without their permission. This includes attacks also.

8) The roleplay board has a set deadline for every card. Once that deadline is reached, any roleplays that are posted after the deadline will not count...it's not fair to everyone else on the roster. Once the roleplay board is closed, no roleplays count at all until it is opened so save your work for when it does open.

9) We will only accept 5 roleplays per week per wrestler. Not everyone has the time to roleplay everyday or twice a day. So make those 5 your best. Any roleplays exceeding that limit will not be counted toward your match.

10) Remember, we are all here to have fun..No one gets paid. So let's keep in mind..it's just an e-fed