Strathdon Vital Records     



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County of Aberdeen, District of Alford, Parish of Strathdon, Enumeration District 6

That part of the parish of Strathdon known as Deskryside including Semiel and Heughhead
extending along the North Side of the Deskry to the Eastern extremity of the parish on the
South Side of the Don.

1)  No. of House-holder's Residence
2)  Name of Street, Place, or Road, and Name or No. of House
3)  Name and Surname of each Person who abode in the house, on the Night of the 30th March, 1851
4)  Relation to Head of Family
5)  Condition
6)  Age of Males
7)  Age of Females
8)  Rank, Profession, or Occupation
9)  Where Born
10) Whether Blind or Deaf-and-Dumb


hhold #/hhold name         Name of Person           Relation        Cond.   Age M/Age F  Rank, Profession, or Occupation                  Where Born               Blind, etc.  
1      Tulloch             Charles Forbes           Head             Mar     73          Farmer of 40 Acres Employing 3 Lab               Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Hellen Shaw              Wife             Mar           68    Farmer's wife                                    Aberdeensh, Crathie
                           John Forbes              Son              U       42          Farmer's Son                                     Do, Tarland
                           Jane Forbes              Daur             U             38    Do Daughter                                      Do, Strathdon
                           Charles Forbes           Son              U       28          Do  Son                                          Do, Strathdon
                           Robina Dunbar            Servt            U             22    House Servt                                      Rosssh, Ferntosh(?)        
                           Charles Grassick         Herd                     14          Cattle herd                                      Aberdeensh, Strathdon
                           Alexr McDonald           Traveler         U       18          Shepherd                                         Banffsh, Rothymay          
2      Heughhead           James McHardy            Head             Mar     31          Cotter Sawyer                                    Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Flora Fyfe               Wife             Mar           25    Sawyer's Wife                                    Do, Alford                            
3      Heughhead           Alexr Forbes             Head             Mar     61          Crofter of 4 Acres                               Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Janet Robertson          Wife             Do            56    Do Wife                                          Do, Glenmuick
4      Heughhead           George Donn              Head             U       48          Crofter of 4 Acres Black Smith                   Do, Strathdon                        
                           Mary Donn                Sister           U             39    Sister Housekeeper                               Do, Do                                
5      Heughhead           Robt Murdoch             Head             Mar     41          Crofter of 4 Acres Shoemaker Employ 1 Man        Aberdeensh, Glenbucket               
                           Isabella Brodie          Wife             Mar           29    Wife of Shoemaker                                Do, Glenbucket
                           James Murdoch            Son                      5           Son                                              Do, Strathdon
                           Mary Murdoch             Daur                           3     Daur                                             Do, Strathdon
                           John Murdoch             Son                      1           Son                                              Do, Strathdon
                           James Murdoch            Brother          U       29          Brother Journeyman Shoemaker                     Do, Glenbucket
                           Mary Wattie              Servt            U             15    House Servt                                      Do, Strathdon
6      Heughhead           Allan McEachern          Head             Mar     32          Cuttersman                                       Do, Aberdeen                         
                           Jane McEachern           Wife             Mar           35    Do Wife                                          Aberdeensh, Tarland                   
                           Catharine McEachern      Daur             U             13    Do Daur                                          Do, Kincardin O'Niel                  
                           Alexr McEachern          Son                      10          Son                                              Do, Do          Do                    
7      Heughhead           Mary Thom                Head             Mar           48    Carpenter's Wife                                 Do, Strathdon                        
                           Mary Scot                Daur                           12    Do Daur                                          Do, Crathie
                           Robert Scot              Son                      8           Do Son                                           Do, Strathdon
8      Heughhead           Margt Forbes             Widow                          57    Crofter of 4 Acres, Merchant's Wid               Do, Strathdon                        
9      Heughhead           Alexr Thom               Head             Mar     84          Farmer of 35 Acres Empl 2 Lab                    Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Janet Suter              Wife             Mar           73    Farmer's Wife                                    Do, Strathdon
                           John Thom                Son              U       43          Do Son                                           Do, Do
                           Ann Thom                 Daur             U             40    Do Daur                                          Do, Do
                           James Scot               Servt            U       16          Do Servt Nephew                                  Do, Do
                           Isabella Clark           Servt            U             15    Do House Servt                                   Do, Towie
                           James Findlay            Herd                     10          Cattle Herd                                      Do, Strathdon
                           James Thom               Merchant         U       45          Farmer's Son Merchant (Grocer)                   Do, Strathdon
10     Heughhead           Mary Littlejohn          Head             Mar           84    Ag. Lab. Widow                                   Do, Towie                            
                           Jessie Rioch             Daur             Mar           55    Daur                                             Do, Tyvie                             
11     Heughhead           Janet Michie             Head             Widow         73(?) Farmer's Widow                                   Do, Strathdon                        
12     Semiel              James Michie             Head             Wdr     62          Farmer of 60 Acres Emply 3 Lab                   Do, Strathdon                        
                           James Michie             Son              U       33          Farmer's Son Ag                                  Do, Do                                
                           John Michie              Son              U       29          Do Do  Do                                        Do, Do                                
                           Jane Michie              Daur             U             35    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           Margt Michie             Daur             U             31    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           Andrew Durward           Servt            U       [52 or 22]  Ag Lab                                           [Mearnsh, Fetherefor]                 
                           George Clark             Servt            U       16          Do Do                                            Aberdeensh, Glenbucket                
                           Donald Findlay           Servt            U       16          Do Do                                            Do, Strathdon                         
13     How                 Elisabeth Cullen         Head             U             59    Crofter of 4 Acres                               Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Catharine Cullen         Sister           U             51    Sister Housekeeper                               Do, Do
                           Charles Steuart          lodger           Mar     64          Lodger dealer in Fish                            Do, Glenmuick
                           Ann Steuart              Wife             Mar           71    Do Wife                                          Do, Do
14     Crofts              Alexr Cullen             Head             Mar     62          Farmer of 10 Acres                               Do, Strathdon                        
                           Isabella McLean          Wife             Mar           58    Do Wife                                          Do, Do                                
                           Alexr Cullen             Son              U       25          Do Son Ag                                        Do, Do                                
                           Mary Cullen              Daur             U             20    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           William Cullen           Son              U       17          Do Son Shepherd                                  Do, Do                                
                           Margaret Shand           Widow                          42    Beggar                                           Banffsh, Keith                        
                           William Morice           Son                      5           Beggar's son                                     Aberdeensh, Auchindor                 
15     Hiloch-head         Peter Grant              Head             U       28          Farmer of 14 Acres Emp 2 Lab                     Do, Strathdon                        
                           Margt Grant              Aunt             U             51    House Servt                                      Do, Do
                           Robert Findlay           Nephew                   9           Cattle Herd                                      Do, Do
                           James Forbes             Servt            U       13          Servt Ag                                         Do, Do
                           Donald Grassick          Servt            U       26          Night Lodger                                     Do, Do
16     Ballachiloch        Margt Couts              Head             U             45    Ag. Lab.                                         Do, Do                               
                           George Coutts            Nephew                   9           at School                                        Do, Do                                
                           William Coutts           Do                       7           Do Do                                            Do, Do                                
                           James Warrach            Groom            U       45          Groom                                            Do, Towie                             
17     Ballachiloch        Peter Cameron            Head             Mar     48          Shepherd                                         Banffsh, Kirkmichael                 
                           Margt Grant              Wife             Mar           48    Do Wife                                          Do, Do                     
                           James Cameron            Son              U       18          Taylor                                           Do, Do                     
                           George Cameron           Do                       6           at School                                        Aberdeensh, Glenmuik
                           Margt Cameron            Daur                           5     Do                                               Do, Do
18     Ballachiloch        Alexr Stuart             Head             Mar     47          Crofter of 3 Acres                               Do, Strathdon                        
                           Mary Couts               Wife             Do            45    Do Wife                                          Do, Crathie                           
                           Helen Stuart             Daur                           6     Do Daur at School                                Do, Strathdon                         
19     Craigiedoes         Donald Findlay           Head             Mar     59          Farmer of 10 Acres                               Do, Do                               
                           Margt Anderson           Wife             Do            38    Do Wife                                          Do, Crathie
                           Hellen Findlay           Daur             U             29    Do Daur                                          Do, Coldstone
                           Jane Findlay             Do               Do            19    Do Do                                            Do, Strathdon
                           Ann Findlay              Do               Do            14    Do Do                                            Do, Do
                           Donald Findlay           Son                      10          Do Son at School                                 Do, Do
                           Isabella Do              Daur                           8     Do Daur at Do                                    Do, Do
                           Elspet Do                Do                             6     Do Do at Do                                      Do, Do
                           Hary Do                  Son                      4           Do Do                                            Do, Do
                           James Do                 Do                       2           Do Do                                            Do, Do
20     Cragiedoes          Robert Grassick          Head             U       52          Shepherd                                         Do, Tarland                          
21     Craigiedoes         Robert Findlay           Head             Mar     48          Cattle Driver                                    Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Margt Gordon             Wife             Mar           40    Do Wife                                          Do, Strathdon
                           Hellen Findlay           Daur             U             16    Do Daur                                          Do, Do
                           Christian Findlay        Do                             7     Do at School                                     Do, Do
                           Charles Findlay          Son                      3           Do Son                                           Do, Do
                           Jane Findlay             Daur                           1     Do Daur                                          Do, Do
22     Glen House          Margt Borthick           Head             Mar           52    Shepherd's Wife                                  Banffsh, Kirkmichael                 
                           Charles Forbes           Son                      9           Do Son at School                                 Aberdeensh, Strathdon                 
                           Alexr Forbes             Do                       6           Do Do at School                                  Do, Do                                
23     Newtown             Charles Couts            Head             Mar     69          Crofter of 6 Acres                               Do, Crathie                          
                           Elspet Meldrum           Wife             Mar           53    Crofter's Wife                                   Banffsh, Kirkmichael       
                           Margt Couts              Daur             U             26    Crofter's Daur                                   Do, Do                     
                           Natural Child Son to     Daur                     9m          Natural Child Not Bapt.                          Aberdeensh, Strathdon
                           Margt Downie             Child at nurse                 3m    Nursing by Cotters Daur                          Do, Do
                           William Grant                             U       20          Shepherd Night Lodger                            Do, Glenmuik
                           Alexr McKenzie                            U       18          Do Do Do                                         Do, Do
24     Wester Chapelton    Hellen Grassick          Head             U             33    Crofter of 3 Acres                               Do, Strathdon                        
                           Penelope Grassick        Nice                           11    Nice at School                                   Do, Do                                
25     W. Chapletown       John Grant               Head             U       63          Ag Lab                                           Do, Do                               
26     Wester Chapleton    Margt Esson              Head             U             28    Cotter                                           Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Margt Birss              Daur                           4     Natural Daur                                     Do, Do                                
27     Do Chapletown       Hary Esson               Head             Mar     36          Cotter Ag. Lab                                   Do, Coldstone                        
                           Margt Clark              Wife             Do            31    Cotter's Wife                                    Do, Strathdon
                           John Esson               Son                      9           Do Son                                           Do, Tarland
28     Ennet               Alexr McDonald           Head             Mar     70          Wheelwright or Turner                            Do, Strathdon                        
                           Dorothy Ross             Wife             Mar           66    Wheel Wright's Wife                              Do, Tarland                           
                           Donald McDonald          Son              U       23          Teacher Adventure School                         Do, Strathdon                         
29     Ennet               Jane Ross                Head             U       69          Cotter                                           Do, Tarland                          
30     Easter Chapletown   Hellen Grassick          Head             Widow         37    Farmer of 14 Acres Emp 1 Lab                     Do, Strathdon                        
                           Ann Do                   Daur             U             15    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           Isobel Do                Do                             12    Do Do                                            Do, Do                                
                           William Do               Son                      10          at School                                        Do, Do                                
                           Donald Do                Do                       8           Do Do                                            Do, Do                                
                           Hellen Do                Daur                           6     Do Do                                            Do, Do                                
                           Charles Do               Son                      4           Son                                              Do, Do                                
                           James Do                 Son                      9m          Do                                               Do, Do                                
                           Donald Stuart            Servt            U       21          Farm Servt Ag                                    Inverness, Abornetty                  
31     Foggy Mill          Ann Grassick             Head             U             70    Cotter                                           Aberdeensh, Coldstone                
32     Foggy Mill          James Grassick           Head             Mar     66          Cotter                                           Aberdeensh, Coldstone                 
                           Ann Clark                Wife             Do            54    Cotter's Wife                                    Do, Strathdon                         
                           John Grassick            Son              U       19          Do Son at School                                 Do, Do                                
                           Hellen Grassick          Daur             U             17    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           James Grassick           Son              U       10          Do Son at School                                 Do, Do                                
33     Foggy Mill          Penelope Mitchell        Head             Widow         44    Domestic Duties at Hom                           Do, Strathdon                        
                           Patrick Mitchell         Son              U       14          Do Son at School                                 Do, Monymusk
                           Chas Mitchell            Son                      9           Do at Do                                         Do, Glenmuick
                           Penelope Mitchell        Daur                           7     Daur at School                                   Do, Do
                           Donald Mitchell          Son                      4           At Home                                          Do, Do
                           Keith Gordon             Boarder          U       56          Boarder in the Family                            Kincardinsh, Marykirk      
                           Elspet Taytor            Servt            U             51    House Servt                                      Banffsh, Grange            
34     Tillyduke           John McGregor            Head             Mar     57          Farmer of 16 Acres                               Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Hellen Glennie           Wife             Mar           53    Farmer's Wife                                    Do, Strathdon                         
                           Margt McGregor           Daur             U             23    Do Daur                                          Do, Do                                
                           Donald McGregor          Son              U       20          Do Ag                                            Do, Do                                
                           John McGregor            Son              U       18          Do at School                                     Do, Do                                
                           Ann McGregor             Daur             U             14    D Daur at School                                 Do, Do                                
35     Tillyduke           Hary Findlay             Head             U       38          Farmer of 16 Acres Emply 1 Lab                   Aberdeensh, Strathdon                
                           Alexr Kellas             Brother-in-law   Mar     44          Shepherd                                         Do, Do
                           Ann Findlay              Sister           Mar           56    Shepherd's Wife & Sister to Head                 Do, Do
                           Donald Kellas            Nephew           U       22          Do Son Agricultur                                Do, Do
                           Isabella Kellas          Nice             U             19    Shepherd's Daur                                  Do, Do
                           Ann Kellas               Nice             Do            18    Do Do                                            Do, Do
                           John Kellas              Nephew           Do      13          Do Son at School                                 Do, Do
                           Hary Kellas              Do                       11          Do Do Do                                         Do, Do
                           Thomas Haynes            Beggar           Mar     62          Beggar                                           Ireland, Tipperary
                           Margt Haynes             Wife             Do            43    Do Wife                                          Forfarsh, Dundee
                           Thomas Haynes            Son                      5           Do Son                                           Abdnsh, Crathie
                           George Haynes            Do                       2           Do Do                                            Forfarsh, Dundee
36     Tillyduke           Hellen McDonald          Head             Mar           36    Shepherd's Wife                                  Abdnsh, Strathdon                    
                           Gregor McGregor          Son                      11          Do Son at School                                 Do, Strathdon                         
                           Hellen McGregor          Daur                           9     Do Daur at Do                                    Do, Do                                
37     Tillyduke           Jane Catanach            Head             Widow         62    Annuitant                                        Do, Do                               
                           Jessie Catanach          Daur             U             21    Do Daur                                          Do, Do
                           Elisabeth Archie                                        7     Grand Daur to Head                               Do, Coul