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August 2005

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Buju Banton August 13th
Buju Banton

Genre: Dancehall, Reggae

His voice lays down some of the hardest lyrics this side of Shabba Ranks, but Banton's developing messages are helping Dancehall move away from earlier Gangsta trappings. Banton originally got into some trouble for some politically incorrect standpoints, but his music has kept audiences dancing with a tight backing band and music that relies on the sound and message of Roots Regga.(rollingstone.com) 

The Pharcyde

Sept 2nd

Genre : Hip-hop 

The baddest african americans on earth besides for elle and george macfarland(rep the burg) come to our lowly town on the 2nd. A Bizarre ride of the Pharcyde it will be!


It was great seeing  DJ Boom(Mike Mcnamara) in Miami for WMC '05.  He busted his ass making the Marlin the place to be every night, morning,night,morning....relentless that kid was. For those that miss Mike dearly from his days at Budious Maximus(rip), heres an update.

Keep up with Mike and the family here DJ Boomerang USA to Canada ,back to USA Virtual Tour


Karl Denson
 Karl Denson

Karl Denson and his Tiny Universe bring the music Jannus this friday August 12.

tix are $17.00

Liver Killer: The Independent downtown St. Pete
 The independent      29 3rd street north

 From St. Pete, the city of dive bars(emerald,mastry's, uptown...etc), comes in a new, refreshing, exciting,chill, vibing, sick cool bar, the Independent.  With insane amount of imports and South African wine, this place is definitely something the burg needed since the demise of Budious Maximus and Grand Finale.  The owner, John,a former beer rep, hails from New York.  The place does have that San Fran/New York feel.  Now all we need are the hipsters that have gone into hiding...No not the kids from the orpheum.. The Independent serves no liquor and NO DOMESTICS!! No they aren't snobs. They are just catering to a different clientele.  Doesn't St. Pete already have enough shit holes that sell Budweiser.  Long live the Independent.

Don't Withdrawal from this Bank
 This Bank needs some govt help

 So I checked out the burgs "The Bank" for the first time last night.  I was there previously before it was The Bank. George's jazz ensemble Manchild played in the backroom last night. There were more people listening to Manchild than there were patrons in the main room.  The main room would have been dead if it were not for Pride Week. George and I were pissed that the insulation sucked in the back room, and also the main room's "brit pop" was too loud.  It is great that they are actually trying it is just not working and here's why.  The music at best is sub par. Obviously they are trying to do what Orpheum is doing in Tampa or what Full Circle did in Gainesvegas years back.  People are actually paying the absurd $9 cover at the Orpheum. Why? All you can drink, all night.  Albeit, dirtrock liquor that will make you feel like shit tomorrow.  (Hey, when you are a drunk, don't we all feel like shit the next day?)  Thats the angle there, free liquor.  Orpheum plays great music, and has a request list.  Yes, they play from a computer but who cares. They've also got a loyal following also.  All the so called "tampa hipsters" hang there. A friend of mine, I'll call him Todd, is in love with that place.  I used to dig it, its not worth the drive , and the drive back wasted. Is this about the Orpheum or Bank...So back to the Bank, start doing some drink specials.  That'll bring in the drunks.  St. Pete kids will want to stay in St. Pete.  If not all you can drink, then do a "kill the Newcastle Keg night." Or have $2 Newcastles until 6am or something..oh shit, this aint Miami.  So $2 Newcastles until midnight. Definitely some funk is needed. Have something to pull people in then, they'll come back. The Burg is waiting to embrace a night that is worth coming out to and people will be talking about until the next week. (Budious Maximus....RIP). You've got too much competition with, Orpheum,Emerald, Independent (represent!), even Mastry's!  When more people go to Mastry's, then there's a problem. Or, you can take a page from SoulHouse(rip) in Gainesville.  That place was sick. They had a Dj in every room.  Drum N' Bass in one room, house in the other, old wave in another.  Your lighting by the bar and dance floor need help. Have all of St. Pete/Tampa talking and coming to the Bank.  Seeing the disaster that was The Bank last night, you can not be making money. SC

New Fashion/Art Gallery store in Ybor

  Attention local artist!

Paul  is opening  a co-op retail store for local fashion designers and as well as an art gallery. In Ybor on the corner of 18th and Palm Ave. In the Oliva tobacco warehouse.  This is an opportunity for locals to showcase their style without the hassle of all that entails a retail store.Call for more details. 813-293-9125

All interested contact Paul Medrano. (Boss/Bam Magazine represent!)

Killer Overload?
Killers last month in Atlanta      photo swankcowboys

August 21st. Mark that in your calendars ladies. Brandon flowers and his band, the Killers return to Tampa.  Weren't they just at Maquerades like 5 months ago?  Didn't I just see them last month at Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta? Yes.  I feel like a girl.  I cant stop listening to their cd.  Its like the 80's all over again with these new bands and we cant get enough! Tix go on sale Friday 06.24.05 at 5pm.  $23

UPDATE: General Admission are gone, upper level remain.

Midtown Music photos slide show here.

 Weekly Planet vs TBT


So the misses and I took the Vespa out for a ride the other day.  We rolled up to a light and was instantly bombarded by this vagrant.  I was about to go Kung Fu Hustle all up on U.S. 19.  After the rage subsided we realized he just wanted to sell us a paper. I was like are you kidding me man?  And what the fuck is the St.Pete Times doing resorting to such measures? I should be happy for them that they're working, but why is the Times only employing the homeless/vagrants.etc? Getting fucking side tracked.  Unbeknownst to us he had slipped us a second paper, "its a special," he said. I thought it was like a welcome back to school edition or some shit to the effect.  

TBT is just ...how can I put this...its just bubble gum.  It tries too hard to be edgy. The words cool and hip were used 5,698 times.  Not really, but you get the point.  Imagine your parents watching a MTV for the first time and decided to make a paper out of it.  Take the latest edition.  Green Day's on the cover and they put some nonsense about Green Day bringing punk to the forefront and "that's cool with us." As you can see it's not worth me taking another look at the cover to quote them correctly.  Green Day might have been slightly punk on their first albums, but no more. They, TBT, also have a guide to be Punk. If I met the person that came up with that idea I would surely like to punch him/her in the face. Its preposterous really.  Stories on Orpheum, New World, and the Emerald all have come around.  It's like the editor said, "where do the cool kids hangout? I mean the cool kids man.  The ones that hangout at MySpot.com!" An intern raises his hand, "sir, its called Myspace."  They also critiqued the same restaurant that the WP did, Cafe Tsunami.  Do some real writing.  Us locals, we know where we like to go and we've been going there.  You don't need to write about shit that everyone that's "cool" already knows about.  Be that indie paper that you're trying so hard to be.  Maybe if your editors weren't 70 years old things would be a bit different.

TBT doesnt even come close to the Weekly Planet's last page of ads.

TBT response, a Mission Statement of sorts:

Dear swankcowboys,

As for tbt* being an "alternative" paper ... sorry to disappoint. Our mission is quite different from the Weekly Planet, by design. We want to offer people fun, useful, informative news -- but not hit them over the head with opinions. And we don't plan on doing investigative journalism. We think the Times does a good job with that.

We're meant to be a quick, fun read for people too busy to read the Times each day.

Hope you'll find a spot for both Weekly Planet and tbt* in your reading time.


Anne Glover, tbt* editor

Social Distortion March 6th @ Jannus
Social D 

"This Ain't Your Warp Tour....

homeboy,"screamed Mike Ness at this dickhead that was throwing shit at him. I'm gonna stick this up your ass!" Punk rock till the end is Social Distortion. Well, the one remaining original  member,Ness, and the other guys who looked like they belonged in a jazz band.  Not that looks mattered.  Ness, 50 lbs heavier, and his receding hairline, rocked the crowd at Jannus Landing Sunday night.. I didn't realize at the time that the tix I had were fake. Who knew?  I am glad that I was able to get into the show though. With his distinct voice, Ness churned out all the old  and some of the new.  Covered in tats, Ness showed he is Social D.  Ring of Fire, Story of My Life, Prison Bound and Sick Boy were all met with enthusiasm. I don't think the Hoobastank kids knew what a real mosh pit was until this show.  Kids, not everyone runs in the same direction, and those skin heads, they really want to hurt you.  There was a difference in the crowd however when Ness played a new tune from his recent album.  Take Diamond in the Rough, as an example: Diamond in the rough, all you need is love, like the stars above. Catchy as song might have been, the difference in the times was apparent.  At one point Ness asked for the youngest audience member. A 13yr old kid named Levi got on stage.  With liberty spikes in tow, (some drooped down) Levi glowed like Britney Spears had given him a sweet...sorry ,hes 13...Ness took the opportunity to thank the "old timers" for their support and to look out for youngsters like Levi.  Social D still is punk rock. But Mike, you didn't play Ball and Chain!!


High Tech Piracy How To
By some asian kid

Yes we have all downloaded albums upon albums. Shit, I have not bought a new album in about 5 years. Why would you. (Be sure to burn and then delete the album from your hardrive)Did you know however, that you could download movies before they come out? Yes, there are movies one must see at the theater, but, it is nice to have it on dvd also. Just yesterday I burned Kill Bill 2 and Van Helsing. It is called Direct Connect. It utilizes hundreds to thousands of hubs full of users such as yourself eager to get free shit. Like Kazaa, you can search for mp3's, mpg's(movies), software...etc ..You first need to be sharing at least 1 Gb(thats a gigabyte for the ladies) to gain entrance to the hubs. Once inside, run a search on a movie. Choose the file that is the largest(usually over 700mbs). Pick the ones with the extension "mpg". Movies usually come in 2's, sometimes 3. Return of the King was 4 files. Also, files named 'screener' or 'dvd rip' are ones to watch out for. These files are burned directly from a dvd copy. Movies that were out for Oscars were(before last year) sent out to the industry to view. These then would soon end up being pirated. Most films online though are from people(mexicans, chinese) that bring camcorders into the theater. I was joking by the way about the chinese. After download is successful(with a good connection on both sides 2-3 hours per film) bring up your pirated copy of Nero and burn your film onto a Video CD.

 TBT Scooter Article
Tai and Frankie D                                    photo adam newman

Is it me or do Tai and Frankie D need more people to know who they are? TBT who we thrashed and still should stop printing that nonsense comes out with a trendy piece on scooters and scooterist. Next week it will be how thrifting is cool,or how about white belts, or how about trucker hat articles? Give us some substance TBT.  Its all bubblegum nonsense youre spewing and youre killing trees to do it.

Sly5 Girl

Skateboard Deck

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