Welcome to my World.....
Sit back...Enjoy the ride...
I *know* I have.

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Hey people ~~~

My name is Tammy
and I am 35 yrs old.
I live in Big Rapids, Michigan.
A transplant from a small Upper Peninsula
tourist town called Paradise.
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In my melancholy moods...
I write poetry
I have four kids
Chase 18 - Aric 17 - Shannon 16 - Cody 14

A wonderful family

I married Jeff on April 4, 1998

I love riding motorcycles...
but unfortunately don't get to do it enough.
I collect some Harley Davidson things,
I love everything about them!!

Went to my first Harley Rally
*put on by the All Americans*
Fall '98 and won a contest.
In June..Wayward Sons

As I said, I lived in a small U.P. town
where everyone knew each other.
We used to do some crazy stuff at the local bars.
So... here are some of those crazy moments
captured for posterity - Ha!Ha!
I have made a lot of great friends online.
I go to TalkCity to #married.
You can come meet everyone there.
We are just like family, you will have a great time.
In Aug 98 a group of girls decided to meet for the weekend.
We had a great time together.
In April of `99 a few of us got together at my place!!
Was cool as hell!!

Well, I hope your journey into my world was as good for you
as it has been for me.
Have a great day & cum again!!!
This page will always be added to from time to time

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