Jeremy Swanson-Men and Fathers Rights Activist
NB: Jeremy Swanson is an activist not by choice but by necessity. Like thousands of Canadian Men and Fathers he has suffered greatly under Canadian “Family Law”.

He regards the current and past Liberal Policies on Divorce and Custody as not only being corrupt, draconian and biased but as a willing return to social fascism by a political elite run by special interest groups and out of touch with the people.

Besides the objective of changing the laws of custody and divorce he seeks to force the advent of non-adversarial divorce, mediation as an essential and imperative part of divorce, the removal of lawyers from issues of divorce and the automatic granting of shared parenting.

Although he is not a member, Jeremy is an avowed supporter of the principles, aims, and actions of the militant father’s rights group Fathers for Justice (F4J Canada.)

Jeremy is also working towards and lobbying actively for an Ottawa-based funded Canadian national Men and Fathers rights movement which would enjoy the same profile as that enjoyed by the women’s rights groups like NAC-Status for Women.
Jeremy Swanson-Canadian Father
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