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Coat of ArmsA modern, thriving city, Swansea has a range of first class amenities in an area of unspoilt countryside that provides a quality of life second to none.
The spectacular Gower Peninsular, designated the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty over 40 years ago, is but a stones throw away. It's 19-mile stretch of sandy beaches attracts over two and a half million visitors each year, contributing over £140 million to the local economy, whilst its scattering of picturesque villages and rural farming communities form the backbone of the region's agricultural industry.
Swansea Marina, the award-winning waterfront development created out of derelict dockland, links the city's maritime and industrial past with its new cosmopolitan image. Home to the maritime and Industrial Museum,the area is a successful combination of residential and commercial properties, flanked on either side by the spectacular sweep of Swansea Bay.Toutists
The regeneration of nearby Wind Street is the linchpin in the development of the City's 'Old Town Quarter'. This £20 million scheme is set to enhance the character of the area by creating a vibrant commercial and leisure zone on the fringe of the shopping area, reinforcing links between the Maritime Quarter and the city's commercial centre.

To Dylan Thomas,
Swansea may have
been an “ugly, lovely
town” but there is no
doudt that today it is
also a dynamic and
vibrant City
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