Letter To The Evening Post

14:00 - 01 April 2004
There have been many letters to the Evening Post criticising our Government's decision to wage war on Iraq. Quite a few of these have come from members of the Welsh Socialist Alliance. The Socialist Alliance has now made a major decision and has issued a statement urging all its members and supporters to join and support the new political party Respect - The Unity Coalition.

Respect was born out of the anti war movement, its support is wide and varied. The anti war MP George Galloway is one of its most prominent members.

Respect argues that the bloodshed, the waste of precious economic resources and the lying and the hypocrisy that have accompanied the invasion of Iraq have bought a yearning for a political alternative.

Respect stands for peace and an end to the occupation of Iraq, and for the principle that everyone should be protected by compassionate public provision from the cradle to the grave.

On behalf of the Welsh Socialist Alliance in Swansea and South West Wales I would like to thank everyone who has voted for us and supported us over the last few years.

We now urge all those who want to live in a world of solidarity rather than one of self interest to join and to back Respect.

Martin Chapman

former chairman of the Welsh Socialist Alliance and present secretary of the Swansea branch,

RESPECT - THE UNITY COALITION www.respectcoalition.org


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