Australian Black Swans


Australian Black Swans are beautiful birds.  They originated in Australia and breed in our area in the late fall to early winter.  They lay clutches of 5-7 eggs.  They weigh about 15 pounds at adulthood.  They are very vocal to each other with the most unusual pleasing tooting sound. Their black feathers look like ruffled skirts from the rear.  Their red bills and red eyes make them very dramatic looking. If we can answer any questions for you, feel free to email us.

In Black swans both parents take an active role in rearing their young.  They are very protective of their babies and will attach if they feel threatened.  The Cob (male) is pictured in the front and the Pen (female) is pictured in the rear with the Cygnets in the center between them.  This is a normal defensive posture.

This is a Black Swan Egg sitting in front of a CD. They are very large eggs.

Then in 35 days out come the precious babies. This pair of black Cygnets are 1 day old.  They are this beautiful silver color when they hatch and gradually change to a brownish black color at 1 year of age.  They will not turn completely black until their first molt.


More photos to come!

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