Thanks for stopping by my webpage.  This is mainly where I store things that I might want to get to using any computer.  It is comprised on mainly stock analysis info and news that I want to keep updated on.  If you see any files that interest you, by all means feel free to download them.
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   Alright, this is the stock valuation portion of my page.  I will put dupllicate files up, one in .xls format for those of you who have Excel (in which case you can download and actually utilize the file as a kind of valuation tool), and in .pdf for everybody else.  Those who download the .pdf version will only be able to view the spreadsheet but will not be able to modify or update it, so I will try to keep the .pdf files up to date with fairly current stock prices of the companies being evaluated.
Nokia Valuation (.xls format)

Nokia Valuation (.pdf format)
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