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So how does this rate amoung students?  We've got a quotey things from an important person:

I must say, it is unfortunate that neither of these misfits died at birth, or at least before they reached campus.  My shower has undergone an incredible number of security augmentations just to keep them out of it.  ....although, they've had a nice effect on my relationship with Shiori....
--an unidentified female member of the original four members of the student council

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Akio: Ummm...isn't that layout copyright of Yahoo mail?
Sun: Y'think? \ Kotori: This is sun's revenge thing.
Akio: For what? Yahoo page builder being just and honest and...
Kotori: they are monitering this text thing...aren't they?
Akio: Yep.

Ok...now for the serious thing...
this layout is a direct copy of the layout hosted by "Yahoo! main" which you can find at: http://login.yahoo.com/config/login?.src=ym&.lg=us&.done=http://edit.yahoo.com/config/mail%3f.intl=&.intl=&.rand=7io1vfvnn9enq
or you could just
click here, and then go to the "mail" category.. and get there...but beyond that, the layout beign solely used as a joke.  The original layout remains copyrighted to Yahoo!, and solely them.  The owners of this page are NOT suggesting that they are Yahoo!, it's reperesentatives or any such thing.  Also they are not profeting from this layout.