Post your swap list, listing products, color descriptions, the size of the product and the amount of times used or how much is left if they aren't new. Be honest about the condition and use of your products. And remember, if something is still in the box and tested once, it is not (NIB) "new in box". 
New in box means, brand new and unused!

If you are interested in something on someone else's list, you should contact them through MUA. Try to include a friendly request or at least write "Hello, I'm interested in xxxxx. Please take a look at my list and let me know if you find anything you can use. Thanks!" If you just write  "I want this" or you simply include no message at all, chances are, you're request will be ignored.

If someone asks for "WISHLIST ONLY" for their swap item, do NOT send them a request if you do not have something on their wishlist.  Not only is it rude, but chances are, your request will be ignored for this as well.

If someone contacts you about an item on your list, you should
ALWAYS reply whether you are interested or not!  If you are not interested, a simple "no, thanks" will do and most people will really appreciate that you took the time to reply.  If you don't have the time to reply to messages, you probably won't have the time to swap.

When you have worked out a swap and both parties exchange addresses the swap is considered "
finalized". It is also considered poor etiquette if you back out of a finalized swap and you may receive a neutral or negative swap token if you don't have a  reasonable excuse. After finalizing, mail your end of the swap promptly. If there is a delay, let the other person know. Most people will understand if you couldn't make it to the post office but they will usually have a problem with it if you don't let them know about it.


Package items securely with padding, bubblewrap and/or tissuepaper so things don't arrive broken or damaged. If something breaks en route, you will be responsible to replace the item or reverse the swap. Reversing the swap means that you would have to take your item back and send the swapper their item back in the condition it was sent to you at your own expense.

PLEASE clean all products that you are swapping thoroughly!!! Noone wants to receive a lipstick with hair attached to it or anything else for that matter. Powders, shadows, blushes can be wiped with a tissue; you can slice the top layer off lipsticks; pencils can be sharpened, etc. Many people prefer to do their own sanitizing, so ask if they want to do it themselves or if they would prefer that you do it. Be sure to wipe products clean with alcohol on the outside also and wipe mirrors in compacts.


Alot of swappers will include "extras" with a swap. "Extras" can include gift with purchase items, sample pouches, coupons, low-end/drugstore items, etc. These things are not required but they are appreciated. I personally include extras in every swap but, again, it is not required.


If you don't have any swap tokens or you only have a few swap tokens, you will most likely be asked to send your package first. Most swappers prefer that their swap partners have about 20 tokens before agreeing to send at the same time but this varies so don't be surprised if someone asks you to send first if you have 30 tokens. If you are swapping with someone who has little or no tokens and you have no tokens either, you should both send your packages at the same time using Priority Mail w/ Delivery or Signature Confirmation. If that's not  possible, purchase insurance. As strange as it sounds, there are people out there who will try to rip you off for your used makeup.

Keep all emails associated with a swap until both of you have recieved your packages. If the swap goes wrong in any way, you can use the email as proof for the
Swaplifters Website or the  USPS (They want to see emails if you're filing mail fraud charges.)

After you receive your package, check to make sure everything is in the condition promised and then EMAIL your swap partner to let them know that everything has arrived safely.
You should also leave a swap token at this time!
I've created this page for new swappers.  Below you will find some basic guidelines used in
swapping cosmetics, skincare, and other products at MUA.. Please bookmark this page so you
can refer to it until you understand how everything works. I hope you find this page useful!
If you have waited a fair amount of time for a package to arrive (usually two weeks should be more than enough time unless it's an overseas swap), and still have not received it, send an email to the other person. Do not immediately accuse the other person of cheating you. Simply ask them what has happened to the package. If you feel that you have been "swaplifted", and your emails have been ignored by the other party, leave a negative swap token and contact the problem swappers page as soon as possible. You should then email the person one more time to let them know that you have left them a negative token and that you will remove it or replace it with a neutral token when they send their end as promised.

Please note: negative swap tokens should not be left for retaliatory reasons. It's unfair and most people will know that it's a retaliatory token anyway as the time and date show up when you leave a token.


Alot of swappers have rules of their own,
read their notepads to make sure that you are able to agree to their wishes before agreeing to swap! I know it can be time consuming but this can prevent a lot of unnecessary aggreivation.