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Tanya - 06/27/00 18:18:04
My Email:LBayoh@AOL.com
Favorite Senshi: Sailor Chibi Moon
Favorite Villain: Snow Queen Kaguya
Favorite Series: Manga
Favorite Attack: Spiral Heart Attack!
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Sailor Moon,All Inners,All Outers
Most Useless Senshi(s): Sailor ChibiChibi Moon

I think Sailor ChibiChibi Moon shouldn't exist.She's a waste of art and time.

Geraldine - 04/23/00 02:34:45
My URL:http://moonface.faithweb.com
My Email:geyap@yahoo.com
Favorite Senshi: Sailor Neptune
Favorite Series: Sailor Moon S
Favorite Attack: Deep Submerge
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Sailor Neptune
Most Useless Senshi(s): Sailor Moon

great page

Horaku Saytomi - 04/20/00 20:10:26
My Email:www.binyni00.com
Favorite Senshi: SailorNeptune
Favorite Villain: eugene
Favorite Series: sailormoonthe movie
Favorite Attack: thunder bolt
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): sailormercury
Most Useless Senshi(s): sailormercury


Kim Nguyen - 02/24/00 04:13:46
My URL:http://sailormoonfansubs.homestead.com/kim.html
My Email:knguyen67@hotmail.com
Favorite Senshi: All of Them!!!!
Favorite Villain: Amazon Quarts
Favorite Series: Sailor Moon (All)
Favorite Attack: Shine Aqua Illusion, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Deep Submerge, Burning Mandala, Submarine Reflection, Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Mercury Aqua Rhaspody, Mars Flame Sniper, and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache On yeah, and Star Serious Laser!
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Sailor Moon
Most Useless Senshi(s): None exactly

What a great site! Come and visit mine!

Natasha - 01/22/00 01:19:50
My Email:Nat1234


Sabrina - 01/08/00 20:58:08
My URL:http://www.crosswinds.net/~senshipower/
My Email:Sabri711@aol.com
Favorite Senshi: Sailor ChibiMoon
Favorite Villain: I don't know
Favorite Series: I don't know
Favorite Attack: ??
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): ??
Most Useless Senshi(s): ??

Nice Page!

Will Giacofci - 07/22/99 14:08:06
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Tokyo/Subway/6904/welcome.html
My Email:wgiacofci@netscape.net
Favorite Senshi: Mercury
Favorite Villain: Zoiisite
Favorite Attack: Shine Aqua Illusion!
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Mercury
Most Useless Senshi(s): Chibi Moon

I love your page with the cool logo! I think you have a wonderful information page here with so much potential to become an even greater page with time and effort!

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon World

the almighty Goddess ELMO! - 06/18/99 23:44:30
My Email:if you don't know what it is by now....:cP
Favorite Senshi: Uhm....Sailor Moon or maybe Sailor Saturn...
Favorite Villain: Prince Dimando
Favorite Series: SMR
Favorite Attack: all these queeeestions!!!
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): wouldn't that be the same as your favorite senshi?
Most Useless Senshi(s): Sailor Mercury.....or maybe the starlights......

Muy cool page!! i can't do this stuff.......i can do Bold stuff and Italic stuff and that's about it...... come back to chub sometime! even though it sucks most of the time :c) The almighty, omnipotent, and all-around good person GODDESS ELMO!

BOO! - 06/11/99 01:27:25
My Email:crscntbeam@aol.com
Favorite Senshi: Venus, Moon, and Mars
Favorite Villain: Ail and Ann
Favorite Series: R ^_^
Favorite Attack: I like a couple, Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Jup. Oak Evolution, Shine Aqua Illusion, and Burning Mandala =)
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Inners - Venus, Outers - Saturn
Most Useless Senshi(s): Mercury and ChibiChibi

hiyas malkie! your site ROCKS! I could never do stuff like this, im pretty basic, like making things bold or italic. Pretty fancy huh? heh

Kiwi-hime!! Hiya Malkies! - 06/08/99 20:42:59
My URL:http://ranko.8m.com
My Email:Ranmachan3@aol.com
Favorite Senshi: um.... Neptune or Moon
Favorite Villain: The Amazoness Quartet and Galaxia!
Favorite Series: Stars
Favorite Attack: hmm i dunno i haven't seen them all yet.. I'm deprived
Favorite Most Powerful Senshi(s): Saturn
Most Useless Senshi(s): Mercury

Malkie-ouji! your off to a great start! You can always ask me for help if you ever need it! I like your site1 it's spiffy keen! ^.^

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