Guardian/Inner Senshi

The Inner Senshi consist of Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Their sole job is to protect Princess Usagi aka Sailor Moon. Each uses their variety of powers to help protect our herione and they have even given their lives for her. The Inners are extremely weaker than the Outers because of the difference in purposes. The Inners truely do nothing more than protect Usagi after the Outers appear. Even though the difference in purposes, the Outers do also try to protect their future queen.
Inner Senshi gathering power
Attacks: Yes the Inners have attacks they do together!
Power up "Moon Healing Escalation!" ムーン・ヒーリング・エスカレーション(Muun Hiiringu Esukareeshon) Each Senshi calls out their planet and "Power" and each gives their power to Sailor Moon. Once Sailor Moon recieves their powers she cries, "Moon Prism Power" and destroys Beryl/Metallia.
"Sailor Teleport" The Senshi gather their powers together and someone screams, "Sailor Teleport" and the Senshi teleport to a new location.
Star-Crystal Power The Senshi all call out their planet and "Star Power" as they give their energy to Sailor Moon once again. The energy flows into the ginzuishou and Sailor Moon screams, "Moon Crystal Power!" This attack destroys Wiseman and the Senshi try using it on this asteriod, but the ginzuishou shatters.
"Sailor Planet Attack!" セーラー・プラネット・アタック(Seeraa Puranetto Atakku)Each Senshi calls out thier henshin (transformation) phrase minus the "Make-up" and they create a powerful blast that devistates all in it's path.
"Sailor Special Garlic Attack" This is a really silly attack in which Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus all fight over wheither to use it against Ririka, the vampire queen. Mercury tells them that it might not work, but they all convince her to give it a shot so.. Mars screams, "Sailor" Jupiter screams, "Special" Mercury cries out, "Garlic" and Venus finishes it with a cheerie type, "Attack!" The fall down around Ririka and breath their nastey garlic breath on her. It doesn't defeat Ririka, it only covers her in a dence cloud so she can't see.
"Galactica Gale" ギャラクチイカ・ゲイル(Gyarakuchiika Geiru) Evil Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus gather their powers. Venus shouts the phrase and a powerful blast of energy rips through Usagi.(Manga)
ChibiMercury w/the symbol of Mercury behind her
ChibiMars w/the symbol of Mars
ChibiJupiter w/the symbol of Jupiter
ChibiVenus w/the symbol of Venus

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