Here is the page where you find out what all those items that everyone is after are!
Nijizuishou- also called the "Rainbow Crystals." The nijizuishou are 7 small crystals that have ended up in 7 "carriers" (Mostly people.. one cat). Zoisite has been given a special kurizuishou (Dark Crystal) that extracts these crystals. Sailor Moon, on the other hand, was given the Moon Stick which allows her to track people who have the nijizuishou in them. After Zoisite has taken the crystal, the person turns into a youma that Sailor Moon must heal. When all the nijizuishou are revealed, the Dark Kingdom gets ahold of them all to try to force them to become the ginzuishou, but it forms in Sailor Moon's tier.
Ginzuishou- This crystal pendant is only sought after in the Manga. Metallia wanted its power to help extend the power of the Dark Kingdom. Part of the ginzuishou ended up in Kamen. It is fully restored when Kamen is killed by Usagi.
Heart Crystals- A heart crystal is the symbol of someone's purity. When the heart crystal is removed from someone they normally pass out (except in Minako's case because she runs with the thing in her hand!) All of the Witches 5 were given Heart Crystal Busters that help extract heart crystals (even though most of them don't even get to use them!). The Witches 5 want these heart crystals to give them to Mistress 9 so that she can stay alive long enough to use the Holy Grail.
Holy Grail-The Holy Grail is an item that appears when all three talisman have been placed together. The Holy Grail's sole purpose is to bring forth or stop the Silence. Pharoah 90 wants Mistress 9, the Silent Messiah, to have the Holy Grail because he wants her to bring forth the silence, so he can come to Earth and take over.
The Taioron Crystal- This little item was given to Hotaru. It was meant to keep Mistress 9 alive in Hotaru. It has great power and it comes from the same place as Mistress 9 and Pharoah 90. (Manga)
Chibi-usa's Ginzuishou- Chibi-usa uses this to "heal" Hotaru. It makes Hotaru feel better to have it around her so Chibi-usa has it around a lot. After a short time, Mistress 9 fights free of Hotaru and steals the ginzuishou. When she steals it Chibi-usa goes into a coma and Mistress 9 does a long boring speech about how she has the bright power of this new crystal.(Manga)
Dream Mirrors- The Dream Mirror is the center of all a person's dreams. Nehelenia wants the Dream Mirrors because Helios/Elios has hidden in someone's Dream Mirror with the golden crystal. Once Nehelenia has the golden crystal, she can be freed from the dark deminsion the "white princess" sent her to.
Golden Crystal- This is a funky little thing that looks like a pineapple. It holds power of dreams though..
Starseed- A starseed is the center of someone's "Sailor powers." When the star seed is extracted, a normal person can become a faux Senshi. The star seed can become animated like ChibiChibi if enough power has been given into it. Without a persons starseed, they don't have the full use of all their power and whoever has their starseed now has their power.(Anime)
Sailor Crystal-A Sailor Crystal is something only Sailor Senshi have. It is the center of their power and without a Sailor Crystal a Senshi cannot be reborn. Once someone has your Sailor Crystal, they have all your power. Galaxia and Chaos want Sailor Moon's Silver Sailor Crystal because it is the most powerful Sailor Crystal of all. (Manga)
Sapphire Crystal-This is what stregthens Galaxia's power. The Sapphire Crystal helps Galaxia tap into the powers of the Sailor Crystals even though it doesn't do much good. I think the brooch she wears has something to do with the large crystal. (Manga)

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