Its Chibi-usa,ChibiChibi, and me, Hotaru, with umbrellas! Aren't we cute?
This particular page is the new page totally dedicated to the Moon Family. This contains Moon, Kamen, and ofcourse everyone's favorite brat, Chibi-usa! Long ago during the Silver Milenium, Endymion-ouji and Selenity-hime fell in love. They used to sneak off to see eachother only taking the head of their guards, Venus and Kunzite (This later leads to the Venus/Kunzite romance). The princess and prince were so much in love that nothing could seperate them. When the Dark Kingdom attacked the Moon Kingdom and Endymion-ouji was killed, the young princess Selenity couldn't handle it, so she took the powerful Moon Sword and drove it into her breast. Seeing her beloved child and her lover die, Queen Selenity gathered all her powers into the ginzuishou. She, then, used the last of her strength to make all the senshi, generals, and unfortunately Queen Beryl and Metallia, to be reborn.
The only true romances on this picture are Endymion, Selenity, Venus, and Kunzite

Tsukino Usagi/ChibiMoon
Tuxedo Kamen/Chiba Mamoru
Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi
Coming Soon: Tsukino Kousagi/Parellel Sailor Moon!

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