Reasons why Sailor Moon is NOT Sailor Cosmos

It has come to my attention that many sites are leading people to believe that Sailor Moon is Sailor Cosmos, but she isn't. These are reasons why that is so. I'll give my own theory (which is probably just as far off as the Sailor Moon theory) after this and my reasoning.
1. Sailor Cosmos has a star on her forehead. Sailor Moon has a crescent Moon (the royal moon birth mark).
2. Sailor Moon becomes Neo Queen Selenity in the future. We KNOW this.
3. When Moon becomes Neo Queen Selenity, she loses all her senshi powers to her one and only daughter, Sailor ChibiMoon (who can also be called Neo Sailor Moon if you want).
4. Cosmos and Moon exist in the same time with NO repricussions. In the R Series of the Manga, when Sailor Moon was in the future with Neo Queen Selenity, Usagi began to fade away and her powers would not work properly.
5. Sailor Cosmos is actually just a title. It is given to the strongest senshi in the universe (Cosmos says this herself).
6. If she's from the future, why did Chaos follow her to the past?
7. If she's from the future, why didn't she just say something to begin with? Why did she disguise herself as ChibiChibi?
8. If she's from the future, wouldn't she KNOW the end of the battle already? So why not just let Sailor Moon do it herself.
9. In the current timeline, Kamen is the first soldier to die from Chaos. If Cosmos was Eternal Sailor Moon from the far future and she came back (never fighting Chaos) Kamen would have remained DEAD! I.E. there would NEVER have been a ChibiMoon, an R series, S series, or SuperS series. They could NOT have continued without ChibiMoon! So, that really blows it out of the water don't it kiddies?

My Theory

My personal theory is that Cosmos is Queen Selenity reborn as a Senshi, and these are my reasons.
1. Cosmos disguised herself as ChibiChibi. This was so that Usagi wouldn't have to see her former mother again. (If you remember in the Manga Volume 3, Usagi was bawling and trying to give Selenity the power of the Ginzuishou so she could stay. Losing her mother again would just hurt her more)
2. Cosmos showed a remarkable ability to controll Sailor Moon's items in ways that Sailor Moon could not! Like Queen Selenity could controll the Ginzuishou like Usagi could not.
3. She looks so much like Usagi.
4. Queen Selenity never had a Royal Moon Birthmark (the crescent moon). Instead she wore a peice of jewelry on her forhead, just like Cosmos (but Cosmos's is a star where Selenity's was a crescent moon).
5. the references to the past, where did Queen Selenity come from? the Past. And she made many mistakes (Like not destroying the Dark Kingdom when she had a chance, allowing Chaos to cultivate).
6. She shows a massive ability to control time (She sent the Asteriod Senshi back to the future). Selenity would have such a power, because if you remember, she made Pluto guard time.
7. No Inners to protect her. No matter what time period, Moon always had the Inners to protect her. That's their JOB!(infact they go so far in the Manga as to say they'd give up hopes of jobs and relationships so that they could protect their future, Usagi)
8. ChibiChibi hid from Chibi-usa. She was worried about being discovered. Chibi-usa is more comfortable with having the powers of the queen close to her (Since she's been close to Neo Queen Selenity).
9. The Guardian Cosmos (who appeared after Usagi defeated Chaos) reminded Usagi of Queen Selenity.
10. She comforts Usagi in ways that Usagi cannot explain. Everytime ChibiChibi is around, Usagi feels so happy and alive.

That's it..
if you have any ideas on this subject Contact me(Please be prepared to defend your ideas)