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Last update December 16 7:10 PM -Twinsen

That took hela long didn't it! This time I'm seriously 100% done!! I've uploaded it to http://www.themeworld.com. and will soon get it reviewed. Mabey, just mabey, I may decide to create a screensaver for my theme, but don't hold your breath, serioulsy. I don't want you to pass out while reading this. Anyway, later dayz!

It's Completly Done... June 17 12:50 PM -Twinsen

Finally! I've completely finished my SWAT 3 Theme and will hand it out to you soon. But I need Bombsquad to test it first to make sure there are no problems. In this final release I have added a screen saver, fixed the Start Up Logo, put in a Question sound, changed the Menu Popup sound, and added a .bmp file that goes with the screen saver. The screen saver isn't much, but it's the first I've made. Anyway, I hope to get the theme out by tonight if possible. When that happens if you happen to have any suggestions, comments, or problems, please tell me. Please include a subject or your mail will be deleted.

New Version Released! June 14 5:40 PM -Twinsen

Not long ago I released the first version of my desktop theme. Now, four days later, I have just polished, added, and taken away a few things. No major changes mostly with the sounds. I took out the Open/Close Program sounds and added a Default and an Asterisk sounds. I also made it so during the extraction process the logos are placed in a folder within the "Themes" directory. I am hoping to get a screen saver in the next version. Unfortunately I have no program to make one and am in search for a free screen saver maker. If you know where I can get one tell me. Till then enjoy the new theme:)

It's Finally Done! June 10 4:00 PM -Twinsen

I have just put my final touches on The SWAT 3 Theme and is now ready for public download! Unfortunatly I still need to find a few more sounds for the theme which I hope I find soon. Anyway, Head of to the Download page, or check it out before you download it and tell me what you think.

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