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Tru Love:

Love is one of those things that keeps on turnin
You find that one but then your heart starts burnin
Tru love aint like love at first sight
It ends up
Bein ya best frien
Cuz you know that yall are tight
What is love
Is it the way that he treats you
Cuz tru love caint be the way that he beats you
Baby girl stand up for what you know is right
Cuz you dont need to be up cryin so late at night

Messed Up Disney

Tinkerbell with no pixie dust
Simba with no mane
Santa's elves with not even a single candy cane
Mickey with no red shorts
and minnie without a bow
What if Rudolph's nose never got to glow?
Goofy with no lime green hat
Aladdin without a genie
What if Captain Hook was never a big fat meanie?
What if Bell was stupid
and Dopey had all the smarts
What would happen if Winnie the Pooh only ate pop tarts?

My Valentine

Whose your Valentine?
Because I've already got mine

His tall and sweet and kind
And always on my mind

He knows just what to say
Especially when I've had a bad day

And he knows just what to do
After he says,"I love you boo"

I can't wait to see him again
I'll be waiting for that day, and THEN...

I'll make sure to make his day just right
Because my Valentine is all I need tonight

Love life

This life like no other
no other life is as long as the nile river
this life makes me quiver
a love life
i cant deny

no i cant deny
i push past the feeling
but i can only wait one minute
this love touches me
it touches me
like a wooden stick to a drum

do you hear that beat
its the beat of my love life
b-bump t-thump j-jump r-rump
can you see

touch, touch
this love life of mine
like a hug from a mother to her child
like the mouth of a mother bear in the wild
i want this love life

this sound is kind
this sound is sweet
this sound has a beat
a melody
a heart beat
a love life

When you see me

Baby when I'm with you time stops
all that i hear is your deep breaths
and outside
there are rain drops
what you do to me
i can even explain
its more deep than rays of sunshine
more deep than puddles from rain
you make me feel like a queen
unlike those who treat me like a love machine
they see me for my body
you see me for my flawless curves
they see me for my hair
you see me for the way my naps swerve
they see me for my car
you just ask, "can i drive"
they see me for my time
but you
never that
you're just happy I'm alive
you want me for my dreams
they want to make me their goal
you see me for who I am
they just want to have all of me
but you want to share my soul
I thank you for being gentle
I thank you for being my man
I thank you for treating me special
and always doing what you can
but most importantly
when you come over
I thank you for seeing lex
because most guys see me and think of sex


His love is like no other love

Your fantasy
your fiction
your in between
your diction
your right
your wrong
a simple melody
a song
a left
a right
how long will it take
for you to see
that in this life all you need is Me
cry on My shoulder child
I'll give you a life thats worth while
listen to Me
read My book
and I'll show you how much time it took
it wasn't long before everyone knew
that they loved Me
but most importantly
I loved them too


Your truth is fiction
a deep lie in faith
and I'm telling you I'm sinking
i have no point in diction
but i'm letting you know this diction is clear
you are no where near
no where near the friend you said you were
no where near the friend you said you would be
i wonder are all of your flaws truly that deep
or is it just me
i sigh
and wonder why
why would our friendship end
and over such a petty crime
i hope that in the end
he was worth your time


are you serious?
who told you how i feel?
who told you the difference between whats fake and whats real?
now you think you can define me!
give me a word that describes me!
I suggest you back back to where you came from...
look aroung and see that i aint dumb
never the less there is a fact to protest
you're right
though i may try to fight
you're right
its going to take a little of me getting use to
but im happy to see that he loves you
yea you're right im jealous
but thats cuz i love you!

It's seven O' clock (the REMIX)

Its seven o'clock
no its not
i think your watch stopped
its eight fifteen
and ima be late to my school meeting
i pulled up and i late an
good lord ima git detention
i had plans to go out to this party
but now im tardy
so they gon take me where is nice and quiet
and there aint nuthin even goin on
aint even noise
i just want to play out with ma girls
i been actin good for so long
now ima be in here until the sun comes up
i juss wunt to stop an go back home...

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