My Fabulous Goals:

"Goal setting is the process of making a dream come true step-by-step.
The desire to meet a challenge and succeed has been a part of many cultures
throughout history. The ancient Peruvians used to draw out their goals in
symbols and paint them in primitive colors on the walls of caves. The Egyptians
used to create elaborate rituals to move from the state of desire to actualization.
They believed that writing out a dream in advance would assure a positive outcome..."

  • Business or School:

    have an A+ in my computers class
    graduate from college

  • Learning:

    become a make-up artist
    go to the olympics
    become a model
    become a famous singer

  • Physical health:

    lose weight
    get fit to dance professionally

  • Family and Friends:

    get off punishment
    see my best friend
    visit my boyfriend
    go to winter formal
    have twins and my own family

  • Vacation:

    earn enough money to go to spain

  • Spirituality:

    find a church near home
    be a successful person

  • Money:

    get a job close to home
    find my dream date

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