My Fabulous Mission Statement

Bayview Baptist Church exists for the glory of God by giving visible evidence of our faith in Jesus Christ through Worship, Spiritual Growth, Evangelistic Outreach, and Discipleship. We endeavor to impact our community by Educational Empowerment, Economic Development, Social Improvement, and Political Involvement.

We believe that there is One, and only One true living God, an infinite and intelligent Spirit, whose name is Jehovah, the maker and Supreme Ruler of heaven and earth. We further believe in the unity of the Godhead comprised of three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, equal in every divine perfection and executing distinct but harmonious offices in the great work of redemption (John 4:24; Matt.28:19; Eph. 2:18).

Lex's Great Discovery
Personal Mission Statement
To find happiness, fulfillment, and value in living I will:
REVERE admirable characteristics in others, such as being ambitious,caring, committed, creative, dependable, and forgiving,
and attempt to implement similar characteristics in my own life. RECOGNIZE my strengths and develop talents as a person who
is good at building things, a creative thinker, dancer, decision maker, good with numbers, and humorous. UTILIZE these
talents in things I love to do, especially sing, dance, swim, read, excersise, talk, laugh, draw, write, and play.
ENVISION myself becoming a person who: Mom thinks is ambitious, educated, and caring. Dad thinks is educated, respectful,
and sensitive. Arline thinks is patient, respectful, and funny. And I Will Remember What Matters Most to Me
20 years from now, I hope to be surrounded by the most important people in my life. This is who they are and what I plan
to be doing: Twenty years from now, surrounded by the most important people in my life I am fairly happy. I am sitting at
the breakfast table with my mother and father and I will be taking care of both of them until their time comes. I am also
accompanied daily by my best friend and she is supporting me in myquest to find who I am and what I want to do with the rest
of my life.

If a six inch steelbeam were placed across two skyscrapers, this is what I would be willing to cross for: If a steel beam that
was six inches wide was placed across two skyscrpaers I would cross for my family, my friends, my cat or just the pure experience alone. If I could spend one day in a great library studying anything I wanted, this is what I would study: If I spend one day in a great library studying anything that i wanted I would study about art.

This is what I feel represents me, and why:
If I could think of one thing that represents me I would say a radio station that plays every different type of music.
That way you know that I am unique and never the same.

This is a time when I was deeply inspired:
I attended my first church retreat with two friends of mine. I was sitting down late at night when I had a deep
conversation with the Lord. I spoke to him about the previous summer and how I was presently dealing with depression.
He spoke to me and let me know that through it all. He was there to help me along the way. Tears ran down my face,
and suddenly I knew that everything would be okay.

If I could spend one hour with any person who ever lived, this is who it would be, and what I would ask:
If I could spend an hour with one person that ever lived I would spend an hour with Jesus Christ. I would choose
to spend an hour with Jesus Christ because he is a very inspirational person in my life. I would ask him questions
about heaven, what he did, and why he did it.
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