My Fabulous Fam Bam:


Besides those who live under the household of my father
and step father i have no family that is living here in California.
My mother was born in Washington D.C. so i have family there and my
fathers family lives in Texas. I also have an aunt that lives in Chicago
that i visit every once and a while. Since my father was born in Detroit
i have a few family memebers that live there but I havent personally gone
to visit them since I was three or four. I have a younger half brother named
TJ who will be turning six on March the 19th, a younger step sister who is eight,
a step sister named Amber who will be eighteen this month on the twenty-second
and lastly I have a step brother named Andrew who is twenty-two.

My Bestfriend aka My Second Family:

My best friend is Arline Camarillo she attends Westview
Highschool in Poway and we have been besties since the eighth
grade. The thing that i like the most about Arline is her personality
and the fact that I am able to talk to her about practically anything
that goes on in my life whether it is good or bad. We havent really
gotten into that many arguements over the years but we have experienced
our ups and downs at times.

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