This project is for private use only. My aim is to provide information on how to best transfer your Star Wars Trilogy Definitve Collection Laserdisc set to DVD. As the title suggests, this box set is the best source material available to consumers of the original Star Wars trilogy, untouched by Special Editions and forthcoming Ultimate Editions. This site is to encourage input to help with transferring, encoding and authoring.



December 2001


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Star Wars Trilogy Radio Drama CD Box Set £70.00 SOLD!!!

Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back Ltd. Ed. Radio Drama CD Box Set £50.00

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This project is for people who own the LD set and wish to convert it to DVD for their own personal use. ANY requests for copies of the films on any format, and this page will be removed and the email addresses of the guilty will replace it. Please do not spoil it for those who seriously want to have the original trilogy on a format that will last a lot longer. Thank you for your co-operation.

03.01.2002 - I CAN ARRANGE THAT!
Here's a screen grab of the raw DV .avi file and here it is after the 5 pass encode. Suggestions please!!

OKAY! Thanks to Tony and the guys at Videotec my Pioneer CLD1450 is now outputting pure NTSC 3.53. I captured some Hoth footage from Episode V last night with Microsoft's NTSC DV codec. Works fine. Might look at some quality issues though! Encoded the video (audio is another ball game with this project which I will look at soon) with CCE 2.50 SP using a 5 pass variable bit rate of 9000, lower field first, progressive encoding (changed the frame rate to 24fps using VirtualDub 1.47 and frameserved to CCE) and the results.......looked awful. I've made better VCD's. So after tearing my hair out for hours I decided to look at the problem from a VCD point of view....and deinterlaced using VirtualDub's Blend Field filter. The results were 1000% better. I'll post a screen grab later to show you. I want to keep the use of filters to a bare minimum but if anyone can think of a way of improving the picture quality...?

The Ewok Adventure disc is fine. Seems my lens and sensors inside my machine were dusty and the lens wasn't focusing on the disc correctly. There's another movie for transferring. Now, if I can only find a copy of Battle Of Endor on LD. By the way I just lost an eBay auction for the Japanese box set of Indiana Jones including documentaries. Anyone know where I can get another.

The Star Wars Trilogy CD Set of the radio show has been sold as you can see on the right. The limited edition SW & Empire is still available. It's a nice set and has been long out of print.

More later!!

01.01.2002 - CUT THE CHATTER...
Happy New Year! Only 4 1/2 months left!

I think this means I'm getting somewhere!