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These images have been collected from friends and sites on the web, together with scans I've taken myself and donate to the worlds sweater community.

In total there's more than 250 images to browse around.

September 2004 - Keep checking my new site for an updated gallery of images.

Blue cowl neck sweater dress with black panther motif
Blue cowl neck sweater dress with black panther motif by Pinguin. I'd love one of these.


Video stills from a performance Tiffany gave on Top of the Pops (UK music show) in the 1980's.

The sweater dress collection
A gallery of many different sweater dresses and similar garments.

Web favorites collection
My favorite images collected from various sources on the web or sent to me by email.

Recent catalogue images
I wouldn't say I like all these, but someone out there may do. For more details, please visit these sites:

Scans I've donated over the years
Images I've given to the sweater community over the past few years..


A word about copyright. Most images are copyright and in my opinion you should not just add little logos and the like to an image and simply repost it. It's not big and it's not clever. It's just damned annoying and an insult to the creator of that image. Now, if you enhanced the image in some arty and creative manner, that's maybe a different matter. It might still be a breach of copyright.

What right have you to claim someone else's work as "yours".

Am I a hypocrite? I hope not.