Your subjugation by Mistress Sonia

Written by Naomi Sweaterdress

Before arrival you will ensure that you are clean shaven all 
over your body.  Yes, that means arms, legs, chest, pubic 
region and under-arms too.  You will also be freshly 
showered and scented all over with your favourite feminine 
perfume.  If you do not own one, you must purchase and use 
either Anais Anais or Cinnabar.

You will arrive promptly at the nominated time.  After being 
admitted, you must not stare at your Mistress.  Your 
Mistress is supreme and you will be very tempted to gaze.  
You will find a deep compulsion to disobey and gaze upon 
your divine Mistress.  You must never think that without 
permission you may have the honour of beholding this great 

Mistress Sonia will invite you into the lounge, where you 
will be made to curtsy before her.  She will recline on a 
sofa and point to an upright chair for yourself and then 
conduct a formal interview.  After this you will carry 
inside any baggage you may have brought and take them into 
the lounge.  Upon return to the lounge, you will immediately 
strip naked and having neatly folded all your clothes, stand 
in the centre of the room.  Once naked and with your hands 
upon your head, you will be given a wide leather collar 
which you must immediately fasten around your neck.  
Mistress then locks the buckle with a small padlock.  
Attached to either side of the collar by a short link are 
two leather cuffs.  In turn, each of your wrists will be 
strapped into a cuff and locked.  Your hands will now be 
locked to your neck.  Similar cuffs will be locked around 
your ankles.  These cuffs are attached by a single chain 
link making them a very effective hobble.  You are going 
nowhere.  Mistress will walk around you.  Slowly and 
deliberately, she will examine every part of you.  Any 
slight wrong-doing will be noted on a form.  Even your penis 
and anus will be viewed for cleanliness and suitability.  
Your foreskin will be pulled back and the glans inspected.  
During this time you must never become erect.  You must only 
speak when asked a specific question.

Once the detailed inspection is finished and note taking 
completed, a padded blindfold will be strapped around your 
face.  You will hear Mistress Sonia open your bags and 
inspect all the articles you have brought along.  Each item 
will be described in detail.  From special vibrators, 
through chunky rib-knit woolly tights to lovely soft and 
cuddly knitted dresses and sweaters with deep comforting 
cowl necks.  Any items of clothing will be held up against 
you so that your Mistress can get an idea of what they will 
look like on you.  As the items are held against you, you 
will feel the lovely soft woollen material they are made 
from.  You cannot help but picture in your mind what they 
might be like to wear.  You are apprehensive, but you must 
not become excited.  You know that you are going to be 
forced to wear them.  But what will your Mistress choose.  
What feminine clothes shall she command you to dress in.

If you have attracted any demerits so far, it will be time 
for your first punishment by penis whip and crop.  It is 
inevitable that you have scored some bad-girl points and you 
must expect this.  You are a pathetic slave not capable of 
doing anything right until corrective treatment is applied.  
In fact, as you're a pathetic slave only fit for 
feminisation we'll not call them bad girl points.  We will 
call them Pansy Points.

If you make any noise or objection while corrective 
treatment is applied, a specially shaped foam block is 
inserted in your mouth and two pieces of wide sticky cloth 
tape is stuck over your mouth in a large X.  Another 
slightly longer piece is applied from one cheek, all the way 
under your chin,  pulled tight and stuck to the other cheek.  
This block traps your tongue and the tape prevents you from 
moving your mouth at all.  You cannot move or eject the gag.  
The only possible sound you could ever make is a muffled hum 
through your nose.


Small yellow foam ear-plugs are inserted in your ears and 
left to expand, blocking out virtually all sound.  Eye-pads 
are to be fastened over your eyes blocking out all light.  
Your gag will remain taped in place.  You feel the ankle 
cuffs being removed.  Mistress Sonia will place her hand on 
your neck and bend you over.  She will then kick your legs 
apart.  A squirt of lubricant will be felt as it is applied 
to your anal opening.  A vibrating butt-plug is slowly 
inserted.  This is then slowly pulled out and back in again 
several times.  Your feet will be gently placed into the leg 
holes of a pantie-girdle.  This is then pulled up into 
position holding the plug in place.  The pantie-girdle will 
also hold your penis tucked away between your legs (perhaps 
in a restrainer).  While still blindfolded and with your 
wrists locked into cuffs attached to your collar, you will 
be ordered into wearing thickly knitted woolly tights.  You 
will be sat down and Mistress will fit one foot of the 
tights over your feet one at a time.  You are stood up.  The 
soft clingy woollen fabric is slowly drawn up each of your 
legs and finally the pantie part of the knitted tights is 
pulled up over the girdle.  One final tug pulls them up into 
your groin, reminding you of the constrained penis hidden 
there.  Mistress Sonia may tease you at this point by gently 
rubbing her hand over your pubic region.  If your trapped 
penis twitches at all, it will be smacked.

After this, a short knitted skirt is pulled up around your 
waist.  Your collar and cuffs are removed and a red fluffy 
roll neck long sleeve sweater is pulled over your head and 
your arms fed down the long fluffy sleeves.  Black high 
heeled ankle boots are fastened onto your feet.  Your 
sweater will be pulled up and clamps will be placed on your 
nipples.  The long sweater will be pulled down over the 
clamps in such a way that from now on, any slight movement 
of the woollen sweater will be transferred to your tightly 
clamped nipples.  Another collar, deeper than the last one 
and holding your head in one position is locked around your 
neck.  This will be wrapped around the outside of the woolly 
neck of the sweater so that the soft fluffy wool is forced 
to hug your neck in a tight woollen embrace.  A wide leather 
belt is firmly strapped around your waist.

Next, you will be locked in a small cupboard, totally 
immobilised into a submissive position using severe bondage.  
The cupboard door will be opened and you are knelt inside 
facing away from the door.  Your feet, ankles and thighs are 
tied together.  A knitted woollen hood is pulled into 
position over your head and tied lightly around your neck.  
Mistress Sonia ensures that your are kneeling on the floor 
under a ring in the ceiling of the cupboard.  A rope is tied 
to your ankle bindings and passed up through a ring on the 
back of the waist belt and up through another ring at the 
back of the collar.  The rope is then passed through the 
ceiling ring and Mistress pulls gently on the rope ensuring 
that your bound ankles are pulled upwards into the air, and 
ties the rope off to a wall mounted hook.  As your waist and 
collar are now attached to this taught rope, you cannot fall 
over.  You arms are pulled backwards around the suspension 
rope.  Your wrists are locked into leather cuffs which are 
joined by a short chain.  Like your ankles, a similar rope 
is fastened to the chain of your wrist binding and passed 
through the collar ring and the ceiling hook.  Again, 
Mistress pulls this tight, pulling your arms up behind you 
in a kind of double arm lock, and ties it off.

Only your knees are now in contact with the floor.  Your 
ankles, wrists, waist and neck are in effect suspended from 
the ceiling.  You are bound so much that only a very slight 
wiggle is permitted.  You wobble on your knees as Mistress 
closes the door and locks it, ensuring the lead from the 
vibrator comes out from under the door.  Mistress Sonia may 
want to see you while try and squirm about in bound 
isolation.  In this case, you will be bound in the same 
manner, but from Mistress' suspension frame.  This way, you 
still can't see or hear anything, but your Mistress can see 
and hear everything that you try to do.  She may even decide 
to caress and fondle you or tweak your nipple clamps.  You 
will never know what to expect.

You will be left in this position while Mistress Sonia reads 
your latest fantasy stories, looks through all the things 
you have brought, and decides what action to subject you to 
next.  The control unit for the butt-plug vibrator is 
plugged to the end of the lead and is switched on and off as 
Mistress Sonia requires.  She will hear your groans as the 
anal intruder vibrates away.

Once Mistress Sonia is happy that you have had enough 
isolation treatment while bound in wool, you will be 
released.  This may be after only a few minutes;  a quarter 
of an hour perhaps.  You could be in tightly bound isolation 
for hours.  The only stimulus coming from the nipple clamps, 
the butt plug and your imagination.  Just think;  a 
feminised male slave, enforceably dressed in women's 
knitwear, a vibrator held in your anus, your mouth very 
effectively gagged and here you are, in severe bondage, on 
your knees in total submission, locked away in a small 


Once the isolation treatment is complete, the woolly hood 
will then be removed but not the gag.  You will feel sore 
and stiff from being immobilised for so long, so Mistress 
will force you to exercise.  But no ordinary exercise.  You 
are going to be a girl and do some girlie exercises.  
Exercises that only feminised girlie slaves do.

You will not be permitted to remove your underwear, so you 
will still have large breasts and a flat genital area 
covered by the pantie-girdle.  You will be given a short 
sleeved unitard with matching briefs.  Once in place, 
Mistress places a bob style wig on your head and pulls the 
briefs up really tight into your groin.  In addition, you 
might be ordered to wear knitted body and leg warmers.  
Finally, slouch socks and pretty girls trainer boots.  Then 
it's to the conservatory with you.  Here you will be tied 
onto an exercise machine - hands and feet - made to exercise 
for five or ten minutes.  Being in the conservatory, you 
will be in plain view of anybody approaching the property - 
humiliatingly on public view.  However, you cannot call out 
as you are still firmly gagged.  After ten minutes, your 
bonds are released.  Mistress orders you to move the 
exercise machine to one side while she inserts a tape in a 
video recorder.  Mistress Sonia tells you to remove your gag 
orders you to stand in the middle of the large clear area 
occupying the centre of the floor.  A television in the 
corner of the conservatory bursts into life and Mistress 
commands that you follow all the aerobic exercises on the 
television.  You cannot help but feel humiliated.  Here you 
are, a feminised male dressed clearly in female exercise 
leotard doing feminine girly exercises purely for the 
entertainment of your Mistress.  Of course, you are still in 
plain view of anybody approaching the house.

Once Mistress is satisfied that you have had enough physical 
training and gained sufficient humility, the video tape will 
be stopped and you are escorted briskly up to the dressing 
room.  Here, you will be ordered to strip completely and the 
butt plug removed.  While you do this, Mistress starts 
running a bath for you.  This however is a special bath.  It 
is to be the most highly scented moisturising bubble bath 
you have ever experienced.  You are to wash completely, 
checking that all shaved areas are still smooth and stubble 
free.  God help you if they are not.  Once you are clean and 
dry, you will be liberally sprayed with body scent or 
perfume and dusted down with scented talc.  You will now be 
scented so totally feminine.

Distance Training

Mistress Sonia wraps around you a long and well boned, 
almost rigid, corset.  This is then tightly laced up leaving 
it firmly hugging your body from just below your nipples 
down to the top of your buttocks at the back and your groin 
at the front.  You are handed a pair of black knitted 
stockings and ordered to put them on and fasten then to the 
six suspenders hanging from the corset.  Mistress Sonia 
removes a pair of boots from a cupboard and hands them to 
you to put on.  These are ballet toed boots.  So called as 
when your feet are laced into them, your toes to point down 
wards to the floor, forcing you to walk almost on tip-toes.  
To counteract this, they are fitted with tortuously high 
heels ensuring that you can only wear them in a ballet toed 
position.  The nine inch heels prevent you from putting your 
feet into a comfortable and more relaxed position.

Once the laces have been tied off, a wide leather strap is 
brought around the top of each boot, covering the tied off 
lacing and clipped together.  Mistress hands you two small 
padlocks.  It will be left to you to finally commit yourself 
to captivity in these boots.   You nervously slip the hook 
through the ring poking through the wide leather strap on 
the boots and snap the lock shut.  Once locked, you cannot 
untie these devilish boots and remove them from you feet to 
gain relief from the ballet toed position your feet are 
forced into.  A four inch hobble is placed at both ankles 
and knees.  Once your mouth has been filled with a special 
foam gagging block, a soft leather hood is pulled over your 
head and laced up the back.  The lacing ensures the hood is 
a snug fit all over your head.  It also prevents you from 
opening your mouth and moving the gag.  Small holes in the 
hood's face permit you to breath.  Similar holes allow you 
to see out slightly, but only to the front.  A very high 
collar is wrapped around your neck over the hood and locked 
shut.  Cuffs are attached to each side with one foot long 

You are walked, back down to the conservatory.  This will be 
rather difficult in the ballet toed boots and hobble.  In 
the conservatory, you are directed into one corner.  Here 
there is another exercise machine.  This one is a tread-mill 
and you are ordered to stand on its conveyor belt.  In turn, 
each of your hands are brought up your back and locked into 
the leather cuff dangling from the opposite side of your 
collar.  You feel your Mistress fondle your penis.  Being 
bound and gagged and especially as your wearing a corset and 
woollen stockings with exceptionally high heels, you are 
already semi-erect.  It is not long before a full erection 
is evident.  You feel Mistress squeeze the head of your 
penis.  You cannot see what she is doing as your high collar 
and hood prevent you from looking down.  Mistress pushes an 
tight fitting shiny metal ring the head of your penis.  From 
the bottom of the ring a wire is attached.  This is about 
eighteen inches long and has a small plug at the other end.  
Mistress Sonia then pinches, squeezes and massages your 
nipples until they are as large as they will go.  To each 
one, Mistress fastens on a nipple clamp and tightens them 
up.  Just like the penis ring, these too have a wire and 
plug attached.  All the plugs are inserted into a control 
box on the front of the tread-mill.

Mistress Sonia steps back and all of a sudden, the tread-
mill comes to life.  Slowly the belt moves carrying you 
backwards.  The wires attached to you come tight and you are 
compelled to hobble forwards to compensate, taking the 
tugging weight off your nipples and penis.  The speed 
increases to a steady walking pace and you relax slightly 
hobbling along to keep up with the speed of the tread mill.  
Mistress Sonia steps up to you and whispers in your ear.  
"You are going to have to keep that pace up or now this very 
specially automated tread-mill will punish you itself for 
any slacking", she will say.  It's true too.  When you are 
attached to the control box and you slow down, you will move 
backwards away from the controls.  This has the effect of 
tightening the wires.  Once taught, the pull triggers a 
switch in the controls and a small electric shock is 
delivered to your body parts.  If you have not corrected 
your position by hobbling forward faster, the controls 
deliver a much stronger shock.  Don't worry though.  If all 
else fails and you don't keep up, you wont rip your body 
apart as the plugs will pull straight out.  However, if this 
happens, it is guarantied that you will receive the most 
severest of punishments from your Mistress.

Mistress Sonia now walks round in front of you where there 
is a large curtain-like wall hang.  She pulls it to one side 
revealing a large mirror.  Mistress leaves you and returns 
to an easy chair to relaxes in while reading.  Occasionally 
she looks up, presses a button on a remote control speeding 
up the tread-mill.  Occasionally, you fail to respond fast 
enough and end up receiving a pulsing shock through your 
body between penis and nipples.  Mistress Sonia laughs and 
returns to her books.

All you can see is a reflection in the mirror.  The image is 
of a hooded figure wearing a corset and stockings with 
shackled ballet toed boots.  This figure is on a tread-mill 
wired up for instant punishment should they not keep up with 
the conveyor belt.  That person is you.  You are tottering 
to save punishment.  Apart from this, all that you can see 
in the reflection is behind you outside the conservatory.  
You think "If I can see out, can anybody see me".  A slight 
panic sets in.  You stumble a bit, but manage to recover 
without inflicting a shock into yourself.

After what feels like an hour, but will probably be only 
fifteen minutes, Mistress releases you from the tread-mill.  
You are ordered to return to the special dressing room where 
you have to remove the corset.  To continue with your 
feminisation, you are given a firm control long-line bra and 
large false breasts again.  You will be given an extremely 
frilly pair of panties to pull up your legs.  These are 
special crotchless panties.

Worship Mistress Sonia

To one side of the special dressing room is a special chair.  
Almost a throne.  The seat is lifted up revealing a head 
shaped recess.  You are commanded to lie on your back and 
rest your head in the stiff cushioning after which the seat 
is lowered over your face and locked.  This leaves your face 
pushed up through an aperture in the seat.  Your wrists are 
cuffed to each side of the throne.  Your ankles are strapped 
together; as are your knees.  A scented handkerchief is 
lightly placed over your captive face.

Mistress Sonia leaves the room, only to return after 10 
minutes.  She removes the handkerchief and you immediately 
see that she has changed into an outfit that completely 
exposes her serene posterior.  Standing astride you, 
Mistress slowly lowers herself onto your face.  You cannot 
help but have your nose close to the most revered and sacred 
place in your world.  Mistress wriggles about to get 
comfortable and begins to read letters that some of her 
lowly subjects have written.  You had better hope that none 
displease your Mistress.  She gently rocks too and fro, 
stimulating herself on your face.  One moment your face is 
totally smothered.  Another, and your gasping for breath.  
The odour you smell is the sweet scent of your Mistress.  
Moments later she rocks forward and you are again totally 
smothered.  Tiring of this, your Mistress releases your 
wrists, lifts the seat and tells you to sit up straight.  
You will be given foam ear-plugs which you insert, blocking 
out nearly all sounds.  Over your head, Mistress tugs on a 
rubber hood.  You feel something solid in the front as it's 
pulled down over your face.  When the hood gets to your 
mouth you are forced to open wide and take the internal 
gagging dildo.

Eventually the hood is snapped closed against your neck, 
sealing your head inside.  Two small holes at your nose 
enable you to breath.  Mistress Sonia pushes you back into 
the head rest and pushes the chair seat back over your face.  
Your wrists are returned to the cuffs on each side.  This 
hood is nothing ordinary.  On the outside, attached to the 
internal gag is an external dildo.  Mistress lubricates the 
phallic appendage and resumes her position on the seat, 
gently working her way down the dildo.  You cannot hear 
anything, but you feel her weight.  Mistress starts to rock 
to and fro again.  This time she adds an up and down 
movement.  Your divine Mistress gains her own pleasure from 
abusing your face.  Time and again you feel a slight 
shudder, a pause and more pumping of the dildo.  
Occasionally, Mistress raises a foot and massages your penis 
amongst the deep frills of the panties you are forced to 
wear.  Cleverly, these are open crotch panties, so if you 
show signs of any lack of restraint, it will clearly be seen 
rising from beneath the frills.  Eventually, you are 
released from the chair, but not permitted to remove the 


You will be dragged across the dressing room and tied using 
severe bondage to an upright chair in front of the dressing 
table.  Ankles ties to each forward chair leg, arms tied 
down to the chair arms and your hands taped down over the 
ends of the chair arms.  Several bindings going around your 
body and the chair back.  More bindings around your thighs 
and the chair seat.  Finally, a rope is passed under the 
seat, crossed over your lap, pulled around right your body 
and the seat back, brought under your shoulders, 
crisscrossing across your chest, over your shoulders and 
down your back to be tied off under the chair seat.  There 
is no way you are going to escape.  You cannot even wiggle.  
Once firmly secure, Mistress unpeels the rubber hood.  For 
the next half hour Mistress Sonia busies herself with your 
further feminisation.  This stage is for feminine makeup.  
Your eye brows will be plucked down to a feminine line.  
Mistress will start by dabbing concealer over the remains of 
your beard growth and continue by smoothing foundation on 
all over your face.  This is followed by a good covering of 
translucent powder.  Any excess of will be gently brushed 
off.  Blusher next by applying to each cheek and paying 
particular attention to your eyes, Mistress applies eye-
liner, shadow an finally building up your lashes with 
mascara.  A deep red lipstick will then skilfully painted on 
and sealed with lip-gloss to finish.  Your hands being taped 
down to the chair arms enables your Mistress to paint your 
finger nails with a lacquer matching your lipstick.

The make-up complete, Mistress fastens a shoulder length 
dark brown wig on your head. This is brushed out to ensure 
it's waves and curls are at their feminine best.  It's hair 
tantalisingly sweeps across your neck and shoulders.  
Mistress selects and firmly fastens a pair of ear-rings to 
your earlobes.  You will now be left to contemplate your new 
female image in the mirror.  While the varnish dried, 
Mistress torments you.  Fondling your trapped penis and 
talking about your helpless restrained state.  Your 
feminised girly scented body.  How pretty you will be.

Mistress leaves you bound and only permitted to view your 
feminised self in the mirror.  After fifteen minutes or so 
she returns in more normal, but still overpoweringly 
impressive, street wear and unties you.

Woolly Girlie

You will now be forced into wearing woollen women's 
clothing.  Firstly, you have already been made to wear 
knitted stockings.  A tight fitting firm control pantie 
girdle will replace the frilly knickers and keep your tummy 
flat.  Now Mistress Sonia wants you to wear a thick fluffy 
black mohair sweater dress.  This has long sleeves and a 
high neck.  A change of footwear next.  Unlocking the ballet 
toed boots, Mistress gives you a pair of black leather 
stiletto heeled court oxford shoes.  These are almost a 
normal lace up shoe, but with a six inch stiletto heel.  
Following this you are given a red knitted beret and gloves.  
Mistress arranges the beret on your head.

Deportment Lesson

Now you are fully and totally feminised into a soft woollen 
girlie slave.  You may look like one, but now you must walk 
like one.  Mistress orders you to stand in front of the big 
wall mounted mirrors and caress yourself all over.  You feel 
the lovely soft woollen material enclosing you.  You see in 
the mirror a female being caressed.  Mistress Sonia 
constantly reminds you of the lovely soft knitted woollen 
women's clothing you have been permitted, no, forced to 
wear.  Can you see yourself now?  What will you look like, 
you big soft girl.

Mistress Sonia instructs you on the right way to walk, sit 
and talk in a female manner.  She is not quite satisfied and 
you are punished by cane or paddle.  You need a larger area 
in which to practice.  Mistress orders you outside where a 
long path leads from the door to the bottom of the garden.  
On her order you will be compelled to walk down the path and 
back.  One hand on your hip and walking how you were taught 
- in an overtly feminine and exaggerated manner.  As you 
approach the house Mistress photographs you.  Now it's time 
for exposure.  Mistress bundles you into the passenger seat 
of her car and orders you to put on the seat belt.  Your 
ankles are strapped together and you are passed a old 
fashioned muff.  Originally these were a furry tube that 
both hands were placed in.  This was a special muff.  
Inside, each hand went into a thick padded thumbless mitten.  
Once both hands are in, Mistress pulls on a drawcord at each 
end sealing your hands inside.  The draw cord prevents you 
from removing either hand and the padded mitts prevent you 
from doing anything with your fingers.

Mistress Sonia gets into the drivers seat and takes you into 
the nearest town.  As the car pulls up at traffic lights, 
you are terrified that someone will look at you.  You think 
they will know you are a feminised male.  Once in the car 
park, Mistress releases you and you have to accompany your 
Mistress around the shops carrying her heaviest bags.

Maid Duties

Back at the house, humiliatingly frilly white bib apron is 
put onto you.  This has a full apron with an bib, both edged 
in a large ruffled frill.  Two shoulder straps, also edged 
in the frill, pass over your shoulders, cross over, pass 
through loops at the waist of the apron, pull together 
behind you and tied in a bow.  A period of curtsey training 
follows with you having to curtsey for your Mistress' 
approval.  Like all your training, you are never perfect 
first time, so off comes your girdle.  You are bent over, up 
goes your dress and a paddling commences.  The frilly 
crotchless knickers are returned to you to wear, as is a six 
inch chain hobble between the ankles.

After using the car, it is now dirty.  You first domestic 
task is to clean and polish the car.  Then empty and clean 
it's ash trays.  The next duty is to check for any washing 
and dusting.  Clothing and other paraphernalia in the 
special dressing room and dungeon may need some attention.  
You will be at the beck and call of your Mistress as she 
tours the house looking for work that you should have 

When not required for any duties, you are to stand in the 
corner of the room with your face in the corner and your 
hands clasped together down your back.


On return to the dressing room, you are ordered to strip 
completely, but leaving your bra and breastforms on and 
remaining made-up and wigged.  If you are not already 
wearing them, you are to wear either hold-up stockings or a 
suspender belt and knitted stockings.  Ballet toed boots 
with tortuously high heels on next.  Once the laces have 
been tied off, a wide leather strap is brought around the 
top of each boot, covering the tied off lacing, clipped 
together and locked with small padlocks.  Once locked, you 
cannot untie these devilish boots and remove them from you 
feet to gain relief from the ballet toed position your feet 
are forced into.  You will then be escorted to the dungeon.  
Here you will stand under a rope hanging from a pulley in 
the ceiling.  Stand may be not the right word.  In those 
boots you will be tottering, even teetering on your toes, 
unable to put you feet flat on the floor due to the 
amazingly high nine inch heels.  Your ankles will be cuffed 
together.  A deep collar will be locked around your neck.  
In turn, each wrist will be pulled up and strapped into a 
cuff attached to the sides of the collar.  Mistress Sonia 
will gently fondle your penis and once semi-erect, the 
foreskin will be pulled back and a tight fitting lead 
attached around it under the glans.  One end of the rope 
hanging from the pulley will be drawn down through a ring at 
the back of your collar, through your legs from behind and 
tied to the penis ring.  Mistress then pulls on the other 
end of the rope.  This has the effect of pulling your penis 
back through your legs.  With the rope being pulled upwards, 
you are forced even further onto tip-toes in your tortuous 
high heeled footwear.  Where the rope passes up your back it 
is almost hidden between the cheeks of your bottom.  From 
the front you will look totally female as your penis pulled 
back through your legs is hidden from view.  You cannot 
topple over as the rope passing through the ring in your 
collar keeps you upright.  You can't even grab the rope for 
support as your wrists are firmly attached to the collar 
sides.  WHACK!  Mistress takes a swipe at your backside with 
a paddle.  You jerk forwards involuntary.  This tensions the 
rope which in turn tugs on the tip of your bound penis.  
Tottering about, you will try to steady yourself.  WHACK!  
Another swipe with the paddle makes you shout out and again 
totter about almost out of control.  Mistress Sonia will not 
tolerate such noise and will immediately and effectively gag 
you.  WHACK!  A short and now silent pause.  WHACK!  This 
slow and rhythmic paddling continues until WHACK! your 
bottom cheeks are nicely reddened WHACK!.  Once an even glow 
is achieved, Mistress may consider extending your punishment 
for making unladylike noises during your paddling.  What 
will it be;  the whip?  the cane?.  You may never know as 
you might be blindfolded for the next stage.

And Finally...

Another change of clothing for you.  Not surprisingly it's 
another outfit of fluffy woolley-wear.  This time it's back 
into your normal women's undies.  A bra with large latex 
false breasts first.  Followed by a suspender belt and thick 
knitted stockings and your very special crotchless very 
frilly knickers.  Over your top goes an absolutely super 
fluffy wool sweater.  It has long sleeves with deep ribbed 
cuffs.  It's length comes down to level with the legs of 
your knickers but not quite reaching your stocking tops.  
But best of all, the sweater has a most cuddly deep cowl 
neck-line.  The cowl is so deep that even when it's folded 
over three times, it still covers half your face.  Mistress 
slaps your legs with a paddle and orders you to wear the 
ballet toed boots yet again.  You are also commanded to see 
to your hair and makeup.  You lace the boots up and lock 
yourself into them.  Tottering to the dressing table, you 
repair any smudged makeup and brush out your wig.

Returning to the dungeon, Mistress Sonia ties you onto the 
suspension frame.  Your ankles are strapped together and 
both tied to a ring in the floor.  Your wrists are pulled 
behind you and locked together in leather cuffs.  A strap 
around your elbows pulls them tightly together.  Another 
really wide leather strap, almost a cincher, is wrapped 
around your upper body between your hips and your jutting 
breasts.  A collar is fastened around your neck.  Each side 
of the waist cincher and collar has rings to which chains 
are attached.  These in turn are fastened to the suspension 
frame sides.  Here you are once again; a feminised male 
slave, enforceably dressed in women's knitwear, locked into 
bondage in front of your Mistress; the person you worship 
and obey.  Finally a gag is strapped into place as Mistress 
doesn't want to hear your begging.  Slowly, Mistress walks 
around you, caressing your body through the soft woollen 
material.  Mistress Sonia continually teasing and describing 
in sensual tones all the lovely soft knitted woolly girlie 
clothes she'll force you to wear.  Soft lambswool and mohair 
dresses, woolly tights, sweaters knitted chunkily in soft 
fluffy wool having deep cuddly cowl necks that you can 
snuggle into.  All the time Mistress Sonia teasing and 
caressing you through the knitwear.  You cannot help but 
become erect.  Your penis pushes through the split in the 
knickers and then pushing against the heavy wool of the 
sweater.  Mistress gathers the hem of the sweater around 
your penis and gently rubs it up and down.  She whispers in 
your ear of all those lovely knitted clothes that she has 
for you.  She will turn you into a girl.  Mistress will 
totally transform and re-educate you as a female.  A soft 
woollen and fluffy girly slave.  Mistress Sonia's soft and 
fluffy woolly feminised girly slave.

After climax, you will be left tied up for at least 10 
minutes with gag still in place while Mistress relaxes.  You 
are only then to be released and left to change and tidy up.  
Perhaps it is only now that you wake up and it's all been a 
dream.  Or has it!