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Last Update - July 13th: In the End...

July 13th, 2005 - It has come to an end

Well, I have been back in the US for about 3 weeks now, getting back to my family, town and my friends. Like I promised you, I would put my last pictures up from Midsummer, so there are 12 pictures in the June Album. These will be the last pictures posted on this site.

People have been asking me what will I do with the site. Well, I have decided to keep it up so people can use it in the future for advice, projects, etc. I will change what you see here in a couple of weeks or so to something that will briefly describe what I did. There are early plans now on me returning to Sweden my Sophomore year in College, but those are just early plans as of right now. Maybe I will re-use this site for that, or maybe not, I will have to think about it.

Enjoy what it is here for you all. This site was meant for you guys since the beginning.