Experiment helmets

Sweden tried out helmets from different countries after the first world war. The army also made some experimental helmets. One of the tests for the early trial helmets was to see how it protected against sword cuts.

This helmet was made in 1916. There are no markings at all.
Right side.
Left side.
Three Crowns in the front.
The inside was covered with normal uniform cloth and had a simple leather chin strap.
Close-up on the top.
This version had no comb and the ventilation holes were on the sides.
[Photo from unknown collection]

Helmet from 1920 trials. Has probably had a army/state police badge in the front.

Helmet from 1920 trials.

Helmet from 1920 trials. Also used in WW2.

Helmet painted in German WW1 camouflage with the shape like the Austrian Berndorfer helmet.