Model 1921, flat model

Two models were made with the same model year. This is the flat model.

This helmet has no paint on the outside and 1/4 of the rim is missing. There is green/gray paint on the inside. One possible scenario is that when they removed the paint on the outside they broke the rim and the helmet was put aside.
On one of the leather pads is "A.10" stamped - 10th Artillery Regiment. A10 only existed between 1920-1927.
(From my private collection.)
Right side.
Left side.
The Three Crowns plate in the front.
Size stamp showing size 66.
The regiment stamp "A.10" and helmet number 319.
Helmet used by Infantry regiment 1 Svea livgarde.
(From my private collection.)
Regiment marking and perhaps the number.
This helmet was first used by the Swedish Airforce. Later it was painted in green and used by the Home Guard.
(From my private collection.)
Left side.
Airforce decal on left side.
Behind the green colour the yellow Airforce decal can be seen.
The original blue Airforce colour was left untouched on the inside.
Extra holes have been made in the leather pads. A soldier's number 919 has been scratched on one leather pad.
Size stamp in the rim.
The size of the helmet is 69.
A very nice green WW2 version.
(From R.Klokocnik collection.)
The chin strap is marked "K4" (4th Cavalry Regiment) and size 69.