Model 1937

The national decal (Nationalitetsbeteckning m/42 för hjälm) was introduced in 1942 and was to be applied before first of october 1942. [Go nr 1979. 20:e Maj 1942]
The helmet has decals and a second layer of paint.
(From my private collection.)
Right side.
Right side decal.
Left side.
Left side decal.
The size is 69. I don't know what the "M" stands for.
Some previous owner - 197 Holst. "58" could be the some unit marking or year?
Some previous owner - 374 4/34 Nilsson and below some soldier with number 313. The number 34 in "4/34" is the year when Nilsson was registered in the Swedish army.
This m/37 was manufactured 1944 by Sandvikens Järnverk. It's a big size 72 helmet and has no decals.
(From my private collection.)
The size stamp inside - size 72.
"SJ" with the arrow through is the stamp for Sandvikens Järnverk. The helmet was made in 1944. I don't know what the "L" stande for.
An unused m/37 from a Civil Defense (Cilvilförsvaret) store. It has no decals.
(From my private collection.)
The size 72 is also stamped in one of the leather pads.
Stamp with the Civil Defence sign and the size below.