Model 1937-65

In 1965 the m/37 helmet liner was changed to a version with cloth webbing and a leather sweat band, called liner model 3. The m/37 helmet with this liner was used until the m/90 helmet was introduced around 1993/94.

An ordinary m/37-65 helmet.
(From my private collection.)
Right side.
Right side decal.
Left side.
Left side decal.
The inside with the cloth webbing and leather sweat band. Under the leather band is a soft band of yellow foam.
The size is 69. I don't know what the "L" stands for.
The liner size is 55-59.
This is a re-issued post WW2 helmet manufactured in 1941. It's a big size 75 helmet and has no decals.
Inside the dome is a rectangular piece of metal. This could be after some trial 1962 Schuberth liner?
(From my private collection.)
On this picture the helmet has the m/60 helmet cover.
The liner size is 59-63
The rectangular metal plate.
Stamp with size and year - "75 M 41". I don't know what the "M" stands for. The cloth in the bottom of the picture is the rim of the m/60 helmet cover.

An ordinary m/37-65 helmet, but with another character (H) after the size.
(From my private collection.)
Decal on right side.
Decal on left side. It's the decal that's unsharp, not the picture.
The size stamp. I don't know what the "H" stands for.