lyrics to "Caged Animal" by Bloody & The Bastard Children.

I'm waiting for the summer, the burning sun it comes
I'm waiting for the winter, the coldness makes me numb

I'm waiting for the springtime, west nile in the air
I'm waiting for the fall, no one said that life is fair....

Stay away from my cage, a pacing animal rage
Caged animal, pacing to the sound of nothing going down.
They say the youth are angry, that you mellow with age
Then why the hell am I, still always filled with rage?

My eyes have seen the light yea, my eyes have seen the light
My ears have heard the spite & I want to spit it back at you!!!!


Here is some additional questions for all you Bloody freaks.....

SS: You co-wrote the song "Scars On My Body" with GG. It later turned up on GG's "You Give Love A bad Name" album,
which you also wrote liner-notes for.
Did you co-write (or otherwise influenced to) any other GG songs?
BM: I wrote "Scars" while in the band Hate. I dont recall ever playing it live. I do remember rehearsing it though with the band.
I sent the song to GG & he liked it, but he changed/added quite a bit to it. It was cool that he put in on a record. I'm the one who
turned GG onto David Allan Coe! I sent him a tape of "Longhaired Redneck" & the next thing I know, "Outlaw Scumfuc" is out!
write Thinkin & Drinkin together. we recorded it with my band The Skabs & it's released on GG Allin-The Bloody Years".
It was a shitty recording, but still cool, in all of it's rawness. You can hear both GG & I singing together, and you can hear
GG playing guitar & harmonica on the song as well!

SS: What's the story for the two classic "Hated" zines you did back in '86-'87?
BM: I came up with the idea of putting a GG fanzine together, and of course, he was all for it. "Hated In The Nation" # 1
was basically the musical history of GG...I chronicled his many record releases. Theres also tons of photos, stories, etc...
We sold A LOT of those fanzines, too. Issue number two has lots more GG stories, photos, etc...He liked both issues &
supplied me with 80% of the material himself. They have both been out-of-print for years.
SS: You've been busy touring alot during the last month. Anything to tell about that?
BM: My new band, Bloody and The Transfusions are doing lots of shows now. Lots of gigs around Illinois.
We are going to Kenosha, Wisconsin on January 10th, for the national Bloody Mess tribute CD release party!!
Kenosha fucking rocks. We will be sharing the stage with the legendary Beautiful Bert & The BB Slags, and a great
new punk band called The Vampirates. Black & Blue Records will be flying in to sell the Bloody tribute CD's &
other Bloody stuff. We are getting offers to play in Texas & Arizona too, and will be hitting the East Coast again
as well eventually. Of course, I want to make it to Sweden & Italy too sometime. We are recording all of the
shows for a possible "live" release sometime. The fans are very supportive and everyone seems to be digging my new
band a lot. A lot of old-school punks & fans seem surprised that I can still kick some fucking ass on a stage.
My energy levels are the same as they were 20 years ago. Most people my age are fat, balding & selling used cars...
haha... Poor bastards.

SS: Are you satisfied with the way the Bloody Mess tribute cd came out? 

BM: I'm very very flattered beyond belief about the tribute CD. It came out better than I ever expected.
All the bands did a fantastic job of covering my tunes. (in a few cases, they did my songs better than I did!) I never
ever thought anyone would honor me with a tribute CD. Mucho thanks to my good friends at FireAtWillRecords for
putting the tribute together. Without them, this never would've happened. (I love you Ede G, Mr. Void & Sherayn!)
And a huge thanks also to Black & Blue (Peter & Kitty RULE!!) for putting the CD out. They have even offered to
release the Bloody & the Transfusions CD when we get it recorded. PUNK ROCK!! To order the Bloody Mess
tribute cd, contact:
Just to let you know: The big front cover photo of me on the tribute CD was taken by my wife Tracy, and the skull & cross
bones on the CD were drawn by my 10 year old daughter Audrey! And thanks to my artist buddy, Swami, for the putting
together the art for the CD. He's my favorite artist & has done a lot of my album covers, t-shirts, & posters over the years.
He also created the new Bloody & Transfusions logo. 

SS: Are you and The Transfusions currently writing songs for a future CD then? 
How often do you guys get together? Are the guys cool?

BM: We are definately writing songs, and have a couple nearly finished. I have a lot of new lyrics written, and I'd say some of
the best lyrics I've ever written are still to come! We get together to rehearse every week, but it's not easy because of our
conflicting schedules. But, like Ringo Starr once said, "You got to pay your dues, if ya wanna sing the blues, but ya know, it
don't come easy." We are excited about a future Transfusions CD and yes, my band members are VERY cool guys. We all get
along famously & the chemistry works very well. We are not only writing original songs, but we are constantly adding new cover
songs to our set list. I believe in preserving old punk/rock. I respect the roots of rock, and am proud to keep certain songs alive,
by performing them onstage. It also turns younger people onto the stuff that was an influence on me! We do covers by bands
such as: Motorhead, The Ramones, The Plasmatics, The Dead Boys, The Germs, GG & The Jabbers and many more.


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